Veridas is a global provider of digital identity verification and authentication solutions. It develops 100& proprietary algorithms of document verification, face and voice biometrics.

Veridas, the wise choice

Veridas is a joint-venture between das-Nano and BBVA founded in 2012.

Founded in 2017, Veridas is now a global leader in Digital Verification of Identity, based on proprietary world-class (NIST verified) machine learning algorithms of transactions.

  • Face biometrics
  • Voice biometrics
  • Identity Document verification

Our technologies, served in a SaaS model, can be combined modularly in any way to combat fraud, increase security and improve user experience enhancing our customer’s business.

We are in global production in Financial Services, Telecommunications, Sharing economy, e-Commerce, Gaming, Government, Hospitality, Insurance, Rental, etc.