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Orchestrating API

Validas 2.7.0.

Vali-das is a REST API that manages the requests made to the other APIs that compose the onboarding process. It is also in charge of retrieving all the results and data which these microservices generate and make them available through its API, easing the process of onboarding.

Facial biometrics and Liveness detection

das-Face 3.0

das-Face is a REST API that compares two face images and gives a similarity score to determine whether it is the same person. 

The main operations are:

  • Verification: This operation compares two faces to say if both are similar or not, so they can be considered from the same person.
  • Liveness detection: This operation computes how likely a given capture contains a real face, or it is the result of a spoof attempt.

Veridas active liveness detection implemented in Selfie-Alive Pro was tested by iBeta to the ISO 30107-3 Biometric Presentation Attack Detection Standard and was found to be in compliance with Level 1.

Images compared with das-Face 3.0

das-Face QR

All the information needed to verify the identity of the bearer of the credential is contained in the credential itself. Veridas does not keep any information either when generating a credential or verifying it against the bearer’s face. These credentials are secure, as it is not possible for adversaries
to modify their content without such modification being later undetectable.

Service based on patent-pending technology which allows the authentication of a person via face biometrics. This service is provided as a cloud-based or SaaS solution that can be consumed via APIs. The process of biometric verification is performed as a comparison between a face image and an abstract representation of the face of the person stored in a biometric credential.

The face biometric credential is a mathematical descriptor obtained from the characteristics of the face in a face photo. This mathematical conversion from the face into a biometric vector is irreversible. Therefore, it is not possible to recover a person’s face from the calculated biometric vector.

Identity Document Verification


OCR Extraction

Extracts all the characters present in both the obverse and reverse of any identity document. Das-OCR performs the following activities:

  • Document classification among 400 documents from different countries.
  • Preprocessing and geometric adequation to improve the quality of the document’s images.
  • OCR extraction backed by Deep Neural Networks algorithms.

Document Verification

Validates the authenticity of any identity document. Using a set of patented technologies that detect different security measures present in more than 400 documents, Identidas provides an authenticity score of the document, and triggers an alarm when invalid, forged or counterfeit ones are detected.

Automatic document capture sdk that classificates the document and takes the picture when it recognizes it.

Plug&Play Onboarding

Ready to use


Xpress ID allows you to verify identities at the speed your business needs. This Plug&Play system is fully configurable and can be integrated in 2 hours in any web page (mobile or desktop).

Robust Cloud Service

Served from AWS in Europe, the US and LATAM. Enter into the world of digital verification of identity and discover further use cases with our modular solutions.

Data Privacy Compliant

Xpress ID incorporates an optional video recording in accordance with eIDAS regulation by the European Union for online identity verification.


Veridas does not store any personal data from clients, all the information is deleted after it is processed in the cloud. Clients are in control at all times, being able to delete any data when considered. Additionally, Veridas carries out an automatic deletion periodically to prevent hacking.

Biometric User Authentication

Voice Biometrics

Veridas voice biometrics API is a language-independent and text-independent voice verification software amongst the best in global rankings. It is offered in a REST API format. 

  • Text-independent: The user does not have to remember any phrase or have to read the same phrase to be authenticated. The system is flexible to use pre-defined phrases in order to fulfil customer requirements or additional controls.
  • Language-independent: The user can be authenticated in any language.
  • Certified technology: Evaluated by NIST and by the
    SdSV. In SdSV, Veridas achieved a 0.0769 %, being the 2nd in the single system.
  • Enrollment time required: 5 seconds.
  • Authentication time required: 3 seconds.
  • Verification time: 0.14 seconds.
  • Minimum size biometric vector: 1.1Kbytes.
  • Voice activity detection: Identifies the total quantity of voice in the input audio to accept a verification request.
  • Noise detection: Identifies the total quantity of noise in the input audio to accept a verification request.
  • Replay-Attack Detection: Detects if the voice recorded in the audio is authentic or a replay attack spoof performed by a smartphone’s speakers or high-fidelity speakers.
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