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Marta Morrás

What is biometrics? Myths and realities of biometric technology

Probablemente hayas escuchado varias veces la palabra biometría en los últimos tiempos. La transformación digital, acelerada en muchos ámbitos por la pandemia, ha despertado un amplio debate social en numerosos ámbitos, entre ellos la biometría y la inteligencia artificial, pero ¿a qué nos referimos exactamente cuando hablamos de biometría?

Veridas, only biometric company present in NIST’s Face Verification (1:1), Identification (1:N) and Speaker Recognition Evaluations

The field of biometrics has rapidly grown over the past few years with new companies entering the market every month. This massive growth caused by the greater demand for biometric services makes it crucial for customers and users to ascertain the quality of the technologies used to be certified and assessed under the strictest and most updated standards and regulations.