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Electronic signature
with biometrics

The most secure and reliable solution.

Electronic signature with biometrics: the most secure and reliable solution

Secure your electronic signature processes with biometrics.

> Comply with all current regulations.

> 100% proprietary technology evaluated by NIST.

> Reduce fraud and improve the user experience in electronic signature processes.

> Includes qualified time stamping

They already rely on us

Comply with the new regulatory framework

We help you comply with all regulatory requirements for video call and video-identification services.
Veridas - Firma digital avanzada

eIDAS Regulation
No. 910/2014

It obliges the qualified trust service provider to verify the identity of the person to whom a qualified certificate is issued.

This may be done “using other nationally recognized identification methods that provide equivalent security in terms of reliability to physical presence.

Ministerial Order in Spain ETD/465/202

Authorizes remote video-identification systems for the issuance of qualified electronic certificates.

Identification systems must comply with the National Cryptologic Center (CCN) Guidelines.

Spanish National Cryptologic Center Security Guide

It establishes the rules that video-identification systems must comply with, among which the following stand out:

  • Evaluation by NIST with a specific rate of accuracy.
  • Biometric and in-document anti-fraud methods.
  • Human ex-post review of the process.

From assumption to certainty

Biometrics makes it possible to guarantee people’s identity unequivocally. Thanks to our technology, you can be sure that the people you deal with are who they say they are.

The time-stamping functionality ensures the veracity and integrity of the signature from the moment it is produced, preventing subsequent modifications.

Qualified certificate issuance process

Advanced electronic signature process
(new signatory)


Advanced electronic signature process
(recurring signer)