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Covadonga, agile and convenient access management

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Edu Gozalo - Veridas
Edu Gozalo

Marketing Manager

Real Group of Culture of Covadonga

Since its foundation in May 1938, the Real Grupo de Cultura Covadonga has had a long and distinguished sporting, social, cultural, and institutional history.

The entity, which has four headquarters located in Gijón, is one of the best European sports societies and the largest multi-sports entity in Spain.

Some of its athletes include World, European and Olympic champions.

Industry: Sports

Size: +30.000

Country: Spain

Covadonga Group members and users gain access to its facilities through facial recognition

The Real Grupo de Cultura Covadonga, the largest multi-sport organization in Spain, has decided to digitize and improve its security control system by implementing facial recognition readers at the entrance to its facilities. 

These facial recognition readers use Veridas biometric technology, which is endorsed by NIST and is 100% compliant with data protection regulations. 

Thanks to this system, Covadonga Group offers the best entrance experience and convenience to its members and users, who will be able to access the facilities only with their face, forgetting about having to carry their cell phone with QR or ID card.

The challenge

The process of entering sports facilities and entities has been transformed and digitized over time thanks to different types of credentials such as cards, QRs, or fingerprints. However, these access systems have several drawbacks associated with them that impact the security and comfort of their users. 

Access by non-members through the transfer of physical credentials to third parties and unauthorized users is recurrent due to the insufficient security offered by these systems. In addition, these badges can be lost, damaged, and are uncomfortable for the user to carry with them. 

On the other hand, entry using credentials such as fingerprints can increase the risk of infection by COVID-19, and their recognition can lose accuracy due to physical conditions such as humidity or the use of creams and soaps.

For these reasons, the Covadonga Group has identified the need to offer its members and users a faster, more convenient, and more secure way of accessing its headquarters.

The solution: Veridas

Thanks to the digital identity verification technology developed by Veridas and dasGate hardware, all these problems and situations are solved.  

The access system developed by the Navarre-based company eliminates the transfer and loss of physical credentials, in addition to identifying non-members, blocking access to unauthorized persons, and detecting identity theft attempts.

It also allows controlling the capacity and traceability of entry and exit of its users, increasing the level of security of the sports center without affecting comfort.

The system hardware is compatible with all types of turnstiles, doors, and access control systems, regardless of the manufacturer. This allows a quick and easy installation and integration for the customer. 

With the implementation of this biometric solution, Covadonga group members, including World Champions and Olympians, enjoy an entry experience to their sports facilities with a single gesture. 

The results

Thanks to Veridas technology and dasGate solution, the Real Grupo de Cultura de Covadonga offers its members and users the best access experience to its facilities with maximum speed, comfort, security, and without the need for credentials.

And you, what are you waiting for?

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