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Responsible and ethical use of biometrics

Veridas has recently become a supplier member of the Biometrics Institute, thereby joining the list of more than 240 entities and individuals from 30 countries who have embraced the promotion of responsible and ethical use of biometrics.

Being a part of the Institute, Veridas has a solid commitment to comply with the published guidelines and principles, which shall govern the development, implementation and management of biometric systems.

The Biometrics Institute recently formalized its Ethical Principles for Biometrics, establishing the base for its members to act ethically, even where national and international laws are silent. Veridas believes that, as a biometric technology supplier, it has an important responsibility, both while developing its products and providing services to its clients. Moreover, Veridas holds a commitment with citizens, knowing that the use of these technologies is becoming more common and its users deserve to understand how it works and that these services guarantee the privacy and security of their data.

In May, the Biometrics Institute released the first universal Privacy Guidelines for Biometrics, which include, for the first time, principles introduced by the General Data Protección Regulation (GDPR). These guidelines are made up of 16 principles, which pursue respect for individuals’ privacy and the establishment of a strong privacy environment.

Veridas has welcomed the publication of the Privacy Guidelines and expressly subscribes them, reaffirming its commitment with the implementation of good practice privacy principles and ethical action.