Digital Onboarding and authentication across the financial services ecosystem

Avoid fraud and give your customers the best user experience

Our AI-powered technologies are already in production in main banks in European and American countries among others. Some of our use cases in production are:
  • Bank Account Opening: Enabling customers to open accounts remotely in just minutes while removing costs associated to manual processing.
  • Money lending: Once customers have onboarded, they can apply for lending in a safe way for both ends. Veridas Identity Verification Service is authorised by Spain’s Executive Body for the Prevention of Money Laundering (SEPBLAC) and is also compliant with other regulatory bodies around the world
  • Consumer finance: Users can exercise a whole range of activities related to consumer finance such as payments or authorization of transactions thanks to our Identity Verification solutions.
  • Money Transfers: Providing a more secure digital platform for seamless financial transactions while meeting all KYC/AML requirements.
  • Call Center:Voice automatic recognition to identify customers.
  • Detecting duplicate identities: Our anti-fraud software das-Facebond allows to find duplicate identities within the bank’s databases.
  • Crypto-commerce: Verifying users’ identity before approving increased buy/sell limits.
  • Payments: Biometric authorization for online transactions.
  • Credit Card Processing: Eliminating credit card fraud. Verifying customers' identity documents and ensuring the identity behind the card’s holder.
  • Mortgage Applications: Removing friction from the mortgage application processes by authenticating documents online and meeting KYC requirements.
  • Customer area log-in: Authenticating users with a selfie for a safety access. Passwordless authentication.

Benefits for financial services

Increase conversion rates

Compliance with regulation

Excellent Customers experience

Fraud detection

Increase online sales

Omnichannel implementation

Some of the banks and FinTechs that have put their trust in Veridas are:​