Identity Verification for Online Insurance companies. verify the identity of insured clients from their home. Reduce fraud and give a better user experience

Cases of use for ID proofing and authentication.

We help insurance achieve a better KYC process:
  • Onboarding: Provides a secure and trustworthy digital identity verification for both new and existing customers.
  • Insurance Policy: Allow users to take out an insurance policy remotely and in a few minutes.
  • Private area log-in: Users can access their personal information on the entity’s app or web by taking a selfie or just using their voice, no need for endless passwords nor multiple text messages.
  • Proof of life certificate: Frictionless and fast process to allow elder customers to stay at home
  • Authentication:
    · Verification during employees’ long term medical leave.
    · Fraud removing during accident reports on the phone.
  • Short-term policies: Subscription of short-term policies online
  • Refunds: Online and safe refunding.

Benefits for insurance companies.

We help companies achieve optimum results:

Better funnel conversion

Satisfied customers

Fraud prevention

Increase online sales

Omnichannel implementation

Some of the Insurance companies & Health Services that have put their trust in Veridas are: