Veridas chosen by Deutsche Telekom as voice biometric provider

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Veridas voice biometrics leading technology has enabled Deutsche Telekom to introduce yet another building block to the Conversational AI Suite to further refine and automate AI-based customer service.

With the Conversational AI Suite in cooperation with leading technology partners, Deutsche Telekom offers custom-fit and individually tailored AI solutions.

The goal of the cooperation is the use of voice biometric authentication procedures which Deutsche Telekom can now offer to external business customers.

Biometric speech recognition («User Verification») makes the customer journey of a user calling a customer service line more convenient, allowing them to be authenticated by speaking freely (no more forgotten passwords!), in any language and with just 3 seconds of voice audio recording. At the same time, there are significant cost savings for the business customer, as well as a reduction in the workload of the agents due to the elimination of manual authentication.

On average, non-biometric methods require 15 seconds per call to verify the caller’s identity. With the incorporation of voice biometrics, this time can be reduced to zero as verification is performed passively throughout the call. 

In light of these innovative and promising technologies, initial letters of intent have already been signed with pilot customers from the eCommerce and energy sectors.

This marks another milestone in Veridas establishment as one of the top trusted providers for biometric onboarding and authentication.

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