Veridas wins Prosegur’s #ComeIn Open Innovation Challenge

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More than 190 start-ups from 33 different countries have participated in Prosegur‘s first open innovation programme «Come In», a pioneering initiative that aims to transform the future of security.

Veridas, winner in the Alarms Challenge

Prosegur COME IN Challenge

Prosegur Alarms posed the challenge of simplifying the purchase and management of products or services without human interaction. Veridas submitted a proposal involving the use of biometric voice technology to identify the customer making contact with Prosegur and providing them with an immediate response. This solution responded to every need; being incredibly fast, reducing operational costs, preventing fraud and giving customers the best user experience.

Text and language indpendent

Veridas’s Voice Verification Service is both text and language independent, allowing for a smooth and easy registering process where users can be enrolled as they speak a few words. At the time of authentication, the user can be verified again by just simply saying whatever they like. In this video demonstration, we can see a customer who registers at Proesgur’s contact center and later uses her voice to disconnect her house alarm. At the end of the video, we can also appreciate how the system detects a fraud attempt with a pre-recorded audio.

Infinite use cases

Voice biometrics can be applied for a number of use cases. Registration and authentication at contact centers, in-app processes or through an omnichannel system such as virtual assistants in different devices.

To find more about our voice biometric solutions visit our page or contact us directly!

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