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This new release will be deployed on our live cloud environments on the following dates:

  • USA: 18th April 2021
  • Europe: 18th April 2021

Modular Onboarding

Build your own solution

Onboarding API

Validas 2.7.0.

  • Enhanced solution to comply with the new Spanish Ministry Order regarding remote identification methods for the issuance of qualified electronic certificates. 
  • New Onboarding Validation global score consolidating Document, selfie and liveness detection scores.
  • Compliance with CNBV (Mexico) requirements for N4 account opening. Art. 51. Bis 6 Fracción VII -c- ( The system compares the credential’s data shown in the video with the pre-validated credential’s data. Now mexican document shown on video is verified vs document captured up front.

Facial biometrics and Liveness detection

das-Face 3.0 | New Face Biometric Engine

  • New biometric model with improved accuracy on different demographics (Caucasian, African, Indian, Asian).
  • The model improves the accuracy of selfie vs ID photo comparison from 99.8% to 99.9% resulting in a funnel improvement of 2%.
  • For a given threshold of 0.7, performance improves to 2.7% false aceptance rate with 0.9% false rejection rate.
  • Improved passive Anti-Spoofing solution reducing the attack detection error by 50%.

das-Face QR

  • New endpoints to generate and read standard (non-biometric) QRs.

Identity Document Verification

Document Coverage

  • New Colombian Document added, Cédula de Identidad 2020(CO_IDCard_2020).
  • Italian health care card added (IT_HealthCard_2004).
  • Document Features enhancements:
    • Extracted issuing country and nationality for all documents following the ISO 3chars code.
    • Ability to read special characters (Diacritics) for all document types.
    • Birthdate Identification Number data added to UK driving licenses (GB_DL) OCR.
    • Issuing country data validity score added to our ISO countries (DEU).
    • Civil status added as an output for Peruvian document (PE_IDCard_2007).
    • Improved extraction of the title in the Austrian documents. Now the title field is read regardless of its position and if the person has more than two titles.
    • Renamed France ID card (FR_IDCard_1994) Expedition Place to Authority Code.
    • Read ‘-‘ character in name and last name in Austrian documents.
Automatic capture SDK for document verification

Security Features

  • New photo replacement detection algorithm available for 56 different ID and DL. Control applied to both html and native environments with an average of 88% precision and a maximum funnel impact of 1.5%. Note: photo replacement detection score not activated by default on final score, so needs to be activated when required.
  • Added replay attak detection improvements to credential type G (MX_IDCard_2019) and reduced false negatives from 3% to 1.5% on average for Mexican documents.
  • Improved broken document detection by 8% for Spanish documents.
  • Improved material authenticity control for Spanish ID and Residence permits, reducing fraud by 5%.
  • Improved ID number controls for Peruvian documents incorporating control digit calculations.
  • Added Colour authenticity control to Brazilian documents (BR_ID_2014,BR_DL_2017) and Italian documents (IT_IDCard_2017 paper document)
  • Added document number vs MRZ enhanced control to more than 40 countries and all ICAO passports
  • Activated ScoreVal-PD_IdentificationNumber_Out-Mod23 control by default for Spanish documents (ES_IDCard_2006, ES_IDCard_2015, ES_ResidencePermit_2010, ES_ResidencePermit_2011, ES_ResidencePermit_2020)
  • Improved CAN relation score MRZ-VIZ when the CAN doesn’t exist in the MRZ such as the Austrian residence permit (AT_ResidencePermit_2011).

Funnel Conversion

  • Improved image detection process. Autorotation of upside down image available.
  • Improved detection and cropping of documents by 8%.
  • Improved OCR for Address Municipality and Address State in Spanish residence permit (ES_ResidencPermit_2010) resulting in a 20% CER reduction.
  • Improved document auto-classification accuracy from 99% to 99.48% for Spanish documents.
  • Correct Separation of the city of residence and the street for Italian document (IT_DL_2000).
  • Improved reading for birth date with formats dd-MM-yyyy and dd-MM-yy for United Kingdom driving license (GB_DL_2007).
  • Improved Argentinian document funnel by 5%. 0,7% CER reduction for data fieds: PD_AddressStreet_Out, PD_BirthPlaceMunicipality_Out, OD_CUIL_Out
  • Expedition Date OCR improved for Austrian residence permit (AT_ResidencePermit_2011), reducing CER by 1%.

Plug&Play Onboarding

Ready to use

XpressID v.2.4.4.

  • Improved user experience to capture Spanish and Mexican ID documents by using “elastic guiding” feature. The SDK will guide you in real-time advising if the document is too far away to be captured correctly and will also improve capture in difficult lighting environments.
  • Increased ability to read bi-dimensional codes from identity documents, resulting in a better conversion funnel.
  • New feature added to transition from desktop to mobile environment by scanning a QR code. This feature enables users that start on a desktop/laptop to easily switch to their mobiles and benefit from a higher quality camera.
  • Compliance with CNBV (Mexico) requirements for N4 account opening. Art. 51. Bis 6 Fracción VII -c- ( The system compares the credential’s data shown in the video with the pre-validated credential’s data.
  • Enhanced UI customisation with new parameters and colour configurations.

User Authentication

Voice Biometrics


  • Anti-spoofing for pre-recorded voice detection improved.

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User Authentication


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