Our technologies are based on the pillars of excellence, secure treatment of personal data and the privacy of our users as a main priority.

NIST evaluated technology

Veridas brings the best technology, maximum security and full privacy together to provide the best identity verification service in the market, finding the perfect balance between fighting fraud and giving end-customers a smooth user experience


We develop 100% of our documental, face and voice biometric engines.



Veridas’s solutions deliver a real-time response without the need for a human back-office. All our technologies are AI-powered.


Deep learning

Veridas’s biometric engines are based on computation with neural networks, overcoming the performance of the human brain.


NIST certified

We are one of the top Identity Verification providers in the world as stated by the NIST.

  • April 4th, 2019: 3rd position in the FACE RECOGNITION VENDOR TEST section WILD.

Technical, service and business solidity

  • Patented technologies worldwide
  • ISO 27001 - Information Security Management Systems
  • Report on Veridas activities in terms of security and data protection by an Independent Entity of Impact Evaluation.



Our solutions can be combined and adapted to infinite use cases depending on the clients’ needs.


Worldwide Production

Veridas has already verified more than 3 million identities worldwide and operates in several countries at a global scale.


Experts in document verification

Our expertise in the High Security Printing Sector allows us to deliver an advanced document analysis and verification.

Secure treatment of personal data

Veridas’s technologies are designed to improve and strengthen the security of digital transactions carried out by our clients’ users.

Why do I need to verify my customers’ identity?

In this increasingly virtual world, verifying people’s identity behind the screens has become a vital issue for any company or institution. That is why carrying out this verification with a trusted process is even more crucial.

Veridas offers a reliable solution tested by prestigious and independent entities such as the NIST and has already validated more than a million identities in production.

Veridas’s technologies are designed to improve and strengthen the security of digital transactions carried out by our clients’ users.

Privacy as a top priority

Veridas doesn’t store any personal data from clients, all the information is deleted after it is processed in our cloud. Clients are in control at all times, being able to delete any data when considered.

Additionally, Veridas carries out an automatic deletion periodically to prevent hacking.

You can consult our GDPR policy here.