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A transparent, fast and safe solution


Text-independent & language-independent enrollment process, with only 5 seconds of voice audio

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Ultra-fast authentication performed with just 3 seconds of voice audio and completed in 140 milliseconds

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A cutting-edge technology


Users are not required to repeat nor remember any predefined content


Users can speak in different languages

Ultra-fast verification

As fast as 140 milliseconds to verify

Minimum duration

Only requires 3 seconds of your voice

Robust anti-fraud

Specialized in pre-recorded voice detection

Cloud-based solution

Everywhere, anytime

A world-class verified solution

SdSV Challenge 2020 text-independent task

Our voice verification software was submitted to the SdSV Challenge 2020 text-independent task and was ranked 2nd in the single system (closer to a production environment) and 3rd in the multi-system.

The SdSV challenge evaluates speaker recognition technologies in a short duration scenario and with varying degree of phonetic overlap between the enrollment and test utterances.

Single System Comparison

In the following figure, the MinDCF bar-plot of submitted single systems are shown.

Veridas is referred to as Team 41 in the chart, being ranked 2nd. 


Multi-System Comparison

The following figure depicts the MinDCF bar-plot of participants to Task2 of the SdSV Challenge 2020. The results of this figure are from submitted primary systems to the challenge and are the official results of the challenge.

Veridas is referred to as Team 41 in the chart, being ranked 3rd. 

A multi-purpose tool

Improve UX &
Conversion Rates

Veridas’ solutions allow the implementation of 100% digital customer journeys, with proven conversion rates of +90%                       

Operational Costs

das-Peak verification technology  can achieve a significant reduction in client handling time & costs (e.g. call center c.10’’ reduction/call)

Boost Data
Privacy Protection

Customer private data is handled through the cloud and deleted immediately after being analyzed, complying with GDPR & ISO 27001   

Enhance Security
& Prevent Fraud

das-Peak AI driven engine delivers a +99% authentication precision and a 98.62% accuracy for pre-recorded voice detection (replay attack)

A business improvement solution

Veridas voice authentication solutions

Non-biometrics authentication solutions

Reduced Operational Costs

seconds per call

(das-Peak text-independent solution makes time for authentication obsolete!)

Increased Operational Costs

seconds per call

(which for a volume of 25k calls/month represents 12.5k hours /year)

Improved UX & Conversion Rates

Average failure rates on das-Peak authentication
Avg. failure rates on das-Peak authentication 1%

(performed in just 140 milliseconds and with only 5 seconds of voice record!)

Deteriorated UX & Conversion Rates

Average failure rates on knowledge-based authentication

(raising call center assistance costs by $12-$15/call², which for a volume of 25k calls/month represents $0.3M-$0.5M/month)

Enhanced Security & Prevented Fraud

Pre-recorded voice detection accuracy

(state-of-the-art 100% Veridas developed anti-spoofing technology!)

Worsened Security & Consented Fraud

Fraud detection accuracy: not measurable
Fraud detection accuracy of traditional methods(not measurable) 0%

(30% of financial account takeover occurs in call center & online channels!)

Use case: call centers

Authorization of transactions, access to the private area or making queries through a call center thanks to a voice driven passive authentication, in real time and regardless of the user language or text.

This service improves the user’s experience in the identification process and allows a saving of thousands of hours & resources dedicated yearly to this type of services.

Use case: Omnichannel

Registration and authentication/identification of users through different channels such as:

  • Virtual assistants (e.g. Alexa, Siri, etc.)
  • Communication platforms (e.g. WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.)
  • Physical access points (e.g. grant access to workplaces, public events, etc.)

Avoiding the proliferation of different platforms that could saturate users, and resulting in the increased use of these online channels

Use case: Web & Mobile Apps

Ultra-fast customer voice registration process through a web or mobile app to enable enhanced user authentication for transaction authorization.

The customers can also use their voice biometrics as a “password” to access client-only company services (e.g. client private areas), avoiding issues related to forgotten passwords that frequently result in poor user experiences & low customer satisfaction