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Voice biometrics: Forget all your passwords, just speak!

Would you like to authenticate your customers with just 3 seconds of audio, in any language, and without the need to repeat any given sentence? Would you like to do all that in less than 140 milliseconds while being able to accurately prevent fraud? Would you like to deploy a unique and secure omni-channel communication strategy for your clients?

Deutsche Telekom, global leader in the telecommunications sector joins Veridas, one of the top companies in biometric solutions, to explore a wide range of applications for next-level voice verification technology in this webinar hosted by Planet Biometrics.

InnovaHome Festival


Eduardo Azanza (CEO) joins BBVA Open Innovation on Instagram Live Streamings to talk about biometrics, Veridas history and the challenges that are coming.

Do I have to worry about my biometric data?


In this webinar organised by FAD, recognized voices in the industry of biometrics (Eduardo Azanza) discuss whether users need to worry if when biometric data is collected

Eduardo Azanza with Itnig


Understand firsthand how biometric identification works and why Veridas technologies have been internationally recognized as one of the fastest and most accurate on the market.



Leire Arbona, Veridas DPO, discusses the myths around biometrics, the real facts and the different applications that they have. 

Interview with TruNarrative


In this interview organized by our partner TruNarrative, Eduardo Azanza (Veridas CEO) discusses our company’s background, current challenges and the strategy for the future. 

BBVA Open Talks España


This webinar organized by BBVA Open Innovation discusses the reality behind biometrics. Veridas CEO, Eduardo Azanza, and other members of the team discuss real use cases and show some live demos. 

Health & Industry In Navarra


This event was organized by the Industrial Foundation of Navarra to serve as a point of contact between the Health and Industry sector and find solutions to improve society as a whole. 

Digital Natives


In this webinar organized by the Servicio Navarro de Empleo Esteban Morrás (chairman) and Sergio Garay (Sales Manager) discuss digital identity verification and its importance in today’s evermore digital world.