Our latest interventions

Interview with Eduardo Azanza - TruNarrative

In this interview organized by our partner TruNarrative, Eduardo Azanza (Veridas CEO) discusses our company’s background, current challenges and the strategy for the future. 

BBVA Open Talks España

This webinar organized by BBVA Open Innovation discusses the reality behind biometrics. Veridas CEO, Eduardo Azanza, and other members of the team discuss real use cases and show some live demos. 

Health & Industry In Navarra

This event was organized by the Industrial Foundation of Navarra to serve as a point of contact between the Health and Industry sector and find solutions to improve society as a whole. 

Digital Natives

In this webinar organized by the Servicio Navarro de Empleo Esteban Morrás (chairman) and Sergio Garay (Sales Manager) discuss digital identity verification and its importance in today’s evermore digital world.