Combine our SDKs and build your own solutions

Veridas’ SDK’s can be used to create customized Mobile applications (APP) for a certain platform and to enable the use of HTML environments through any browser to obtain the same features obtainable using an APP. Veridas’s SDKs are fully modular. Integrate them in your APP or HTML environments.
ID Proofing and Authentication SDKs - Selfie Capture
ID Proofing and Authentication SDKs - Document Capture
ID Proofing and Authentication SDKs - Video Capture
ID Proofing and Authentication SDKs - Contextual Data Reading
ID Proofing and Authentication SDKs - Voice Capture
ID Proofing and Authentication SDKs - Chip NFC Reading

Selfie Capture SDK​

Detects and captures human faces automatically. This SDK only launches the automatic selfie capture if a human face is detected.
Biometric authentication can be carried out by just taking a selfie and a smile for liveness detection. No need for passwords nor OTP.

Voice Capture SDK

Call center
Detects and captures the audio signal coming from humans voices.

Automatic ID detection and capture SDK

Detects and captures identity documents (ID) automatically. Assisted by a powerful guidance system, this SDK only launches the automatic capture of the document if there is enough evidence of its validity.

Automatic document capture sdk that classificates the document and takes the picture when it recognizes it.

Video capture Face & Document SDK​

Liveness check through a recorded video. The user is asked to say his or her name out loud and show his or her ID card. Our API determines if it is an alive person carrying out the process instead of a machine, a prerecorded video, a photo or other sorts of fraud and spoofing techniques.
Captures a simultaneous video of both the person’s face and its identity document. The video of the person showing its identity document, provides a key element for the identification process.

Contextual Data Reading SDK

Extracts the contextual data of a mobile device. This SDK extracts different data: User, Location, IP, Language and more…
Contextual data extraction from the device used during the process.

NFC Chip Reading SDK

NFC chip reading with compatible devices. It extracts the information present in the NFC and carries out the most advanced document verification.
Reads automatically the NFC chip data from an ePassport (ICAO) or electronic ID document. Positioning the device on top of the document, this SDK extract automatically all the information present in NFC Chip.