Biometrics and Digital Identity Verification

Veridas provides state-of-the-art software solutions to verify identities in real time, anywhere.
Discover our modular “NIST-tested” designed to build multiple solutions combining:

Face recognition. NIST tested facial biometric engine. Compare two face images to get a similarity score.
Identity Document OCR and verification
Face biometric verification
Voice biometric verification

Why Veridas?


National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) evaluation


Modular solutions

Cloud based

Cloud-based service

No back-office

No back-office


Easy implementation


Worldwide Production

Conversion rate
High funnel
conversion rate

Detect fraud.
Increase security.
Improve customer experience.

Whether your customers want to open a bank account, buy an insurance policy, share a bike or activate a SIM card, we help you to detect fraud while giving the user a fast and smooth experience.

No back-office.
AI-powered verifications.

Whether your customers want to Veridas offers a safe and real time solution to remotely verify identities using machine learning and neural networks technology.

Veridas verifies identities worldwide

Customers around the world are using Veridas’ verification solutions to validate Passports, IDs, Driving License, Residence permits with enhanced fraud detection.