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Privacy Policy and Legal Notice


The personal data provided by you by any of the means provided for this purpose through the Website will be processed by Veridas in accordance with the following privacy policy.


Identity: VERIDAS DIGITAL AUTHENTICATION SOLUTIONS, S.L. (en adelante, el Responsable).

Registered office: Polígono Industrial Talluntxe II, M-10 · 31192, Tajonar (Navarra)

Phone: (+34) 948 246 295


Data Protection Officer contact:


Requests for information or consultation. Demos

Legal basis
Retention period
We will attend the requests for information and consultation that may be received, with the management and scope that they require. Including the preparation of proposals for services and / or collaboration, and the provision of Demos of our products.
6.1.a) The data subject has given consent to the processing. 6.1.b) Processing is necessary in order to take steps at the request of the data subject prior to entering into a contract
We will process your data the time necessary to attend and manage your request and/or claim.

Commercial comunications and Newsletters

Legal basis
Retention period
We will manage your registration in our Newsletter service, as well as the periodic sending of the same. And, in cases where we are authorized to do so, we will manage the sending of commercial communications electronically related to Veridas products and services.
6.1.a) The data subject has given consent to the processing. 6.1.f) Legitimate interest.
We will retain your data for as long as you wish to receive such communications and do not withdraw your consent.
Contacts and Meetings (events, exhibitions and congresses)
Legal basis
Retention period
We will manage your data for the realization of business meetings and contacts between you and Veridas, in the different events, exhibitions and/or congresses in which Veridas is present.
6.1.a) The data subject has given consent to the processing.
We will process the data for the time necessary to manage the registration and development of the event.

Cookies: In the evento that at the beginning of the visit to this Website you have accepted to received cookies, the cookies policy of the Website Will be applied to you. The data obtained dring navegation are used for the following purposes.

Collect information for analytical purposes about you, your browsing and behavior.
6.1.a) The data subject has given consent to the processing.
According to the type of cookies, stated in the corresponding policy.

In the event that you are asked at any time for your authorization for the processing of a purpose that requires consent, your failure to grant it (or its eventual withdrawal at a later date) will not have any consequences for you in any case. Nor will your opposition to the processing of your data for purposes based on legitimate interest (for example, the use of your customer data for sending commercial communications) have any consequences.

In some data collection forms you will clearly see that some fields are marked as mandatory (with an asterisk) while the rest are absolutely voluntary. Therefore, not filling in voluntary fields will not have any consequence, and you can complete them if you are interested in doing so.


1.3.1. Will my data be communicated or transferred to third parties?

In general, unless required by law, your data will not be communicated or transferred to any third party without your express consent. In any case, some communications and / or transfers of data to third parties may be imposed by certain regulations.

Other communications and / or transfers will be a necessary consequence of the provision of the service in which case we express our commitment to formalize with such third parties, where appropriate, the mandatory processing assignment agreement imposed by current legislation, as well as, in cases where there may be an international data transfer, that the countries have a level of protection comparable to that of the European Union (through decisions of adequacy of the European Commission, certification mechanisms or signing standard contractual clauses). For further information, please contact the Veridas Data Protection Officer at the following e-mail address:

1.3.2. Information on recipients of personal data

· Postal, distribution and courier services.

· Archiving, custody, storage and digitalization services.

· Administrative services.

Place of supply of related services: Spain.

· IT services:

  • Electronic custody services.
  • Electronic certification services.
  • Backup services.
  • Other services related to communications technology and computing.

Place of supply of related services: Spain and, in some cases, the European Union.


1.4.1. What rights do I have regarding data protection? General information.

Regarding the personal data collected for processing, you have the possibility to exercise your rights of access, rectification, deletion and portability. We also inform you that in certain circumstances you will have the right to request the limitation or opposition of the processing of your data in which case the Controller will cease its processing and will only keep them in the event that there is any regulatory obligation that so imposes or until the prescription of the actions that may arise.

If you woukld like more information on the aforementioned rigths, we invite you t oread on or visit the infographic prepared by the Spanis Data Protection Agency accessible through the following hyperlink.

1.4.2. How and where can I exercise them?

We will be happy to answer any inquiries or complaints you may have regarding data protection. You may also address your claim or exercise your rights through the contact channel enabled in, accompanying your request with a copy of your ID card or other document proving your identity. If you are established in the UK, you can also contact us via our UK Representative, through the specific email address provided to this purpose:

Similarly, you can also contact the supervisory authority that you consider appropriate to file your complaint (for example, in the country where you have your habitual residence, place of work or where you consider that the alleged infringement has occurred). For appropriate purposes, we inform you that in Spain the Control Authority is the Spanish Data Protection Authority , and you can exercise your rights through the forms that this entity has enabled for this purpose and that are available at its website. If you are established in the UK, you also have the right to contact the British Authority, the Information Security Office (ICO), instead.



In accordance with the provisions of Article 10 of Law 34/2002, of July 11, 2002, on information society services and electronic commerce, the user is informed that the owner of this Web Site is the commercial company Veridas Digital Authentication Solutions, S.L., with registered address at Polígono Industrial Talluntxe II, M-10 · 31192, Tajonar (Navarra, Spain) and N.I.F. B71322804, registeded in Navarra’s Companies Registry, volume 1861, page 67, sheet NA-36961.


For any question you can contact Veridas Digital Authentication Solutions, S.L. through the telephone number (+34) 948 246 295 or by sending your request to the e-mail address


In case of discrepancy, the Spanish version of this Privacy Policy and Legal Notice shall prevail over the English one.

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