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Just be you!

We were born with the purpose of guaranteeing people's right to use their real identities in the digital and physical world. 

We have a vision of a passwordless and keyless future, where people are recognized privately, securely, and voluntarily for who they are.

/Because you have the right 
to just be you

What would you think if your mother, or a friend, asked for a password every time you talk to them to make sure it is you?

Could you imagine having to present an identity document to enter your house?

No, right?

Then why is it necessary to open a bank account, give an insurance claim, or rent a motorcycle?

At Veridas, we develop biometric solutions based on Artificial Intelligence so that people can verify their identity in an agile and simple way for what they truly are; their biometrics.

Eduardo Azanza (CEO and co-founder) and

Esteban Morrás (member of the board and co-founder)

/More than a decade in the business

This dream began in 2012, when Esteban Morrás and Eduardo Azanza decided to create a global company, from their homeland, to improve people’s lives. The bases were clear: technology, talent and work. 

And it is based on these three pillars that Veridas has become one of the leading companies in the identity industry worldwide, with customers in 25 countries

Countries where our solutions improve the lives of people such as Mexican pensioners, travelers crossing the Zambian border, or the millions of BBVA customers who open their account with a selfie

/A single provider. 
A whole identity strategy

With our modular solutions you can solve any identification scenario with a single provider. We help you implement a complete identity strategy with our proprietary technologies for facial biometrics, voice biometrics and identity document verification that adapt to any scenario. 

Join the hundreds of customers already working with us in sectors such as Banking, Insurance, Telecommunications or Mobility and discover Phygital Identity. 

/Veridas corporate presentation

Download our corporate presentation and learn first-hand about
our solutions, success stories, compliance, and Veridas DNA.
/What makes us different?

Your single provider

Deploy a multitude of use cases without the need for multiple vendors.

100% automated solutions

Rely on AI-based technology without the need for manual review.

Committed to regulation

Be assured of using technology that complies with all regulations.

We support you throughout the process

Our Customer Success team will support you every step of the way.

Millions of verifications performed

Hundreds of customers in 25 countries already enjoy our solutions.

We guarantee performance

Improve your processes with guaranteed performance.

/A global team with a local soul

Our team is made up of more than 180 highly qualified people, present in Europe, Latin America and the United States. 

If you are looking for a challenge, this is the place for you. At Veridas you will have the opportunity to develop your career and grow in a dynamic and changing environment that will allow you to get the most out of yourself. 

/World-renowned technology
/Your identity, your security

We have a deep commitment to quality, regulation and compliance, submitting our technologies to the highest international standards such as NIST for facial and voice biometric verification, proof of life according to ISO 30.107 iBeta level 2 PAD, ISO 27.001 in information security systems, GDPR or CCPA the United States.

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Facial Parking Access

Simplify entry, save time, and manage your stadium parking more efficiently.

Quick Facial Parking Access

Enter the parking area in under 1 second with facial recognition technology.

Stress-Free Experience

Simplify the ticket purchase process and enable attendees to enjoy a hands-free experience throughout their stadium stay.

Enhanced Security

Elevate your parking security for peace of mind.

Facial Ticketing

Protect your Stadium with our end-to-end identity verification platform, featuring biometric and document verification, trusted data sources, and fraud detection.

Instant Identity Verification

Verify your attendees’ identity remotely in less than 1 minute.

Pop-up Convenience

Simplify the ticket purchase process and enable attendees to enjoy a hands-free experience throughout their stadium stay.

Maximum Security

Enhance the security of the purchase process, eliminating the possibility of fraud, resale, and unauthorized access.

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