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Security, compliance and customer experience for your venue

Digitize access to your facilities in compliance with regulations and offer customers a more convenient, fast and secure experience without needing physical credentials.

/How we help you

Avoid paying unnecessary fines

Easily comply with the regulations and norms of your Autonomous Community. Verify the identity of your customers remotely or in person and avoid penalties, including age verification and self-banned requirements for age verification and self-prohibited inquiries.

Unassist your accesses and save on costs

Save on gatekeeping and management costs with a 100% unassisted access process. Customers log in and access autonomously while staff can dedicate themselves, in complete security, to better customer service.

Offer an exceptional experience to your customers

Customers gain fast and frictionless access without queues or ID cards. Increase their satisfaction and the likelihood that they will return to your establishment.
/Stop fraud, play by the rules and verify players seamlessly.
digital onboarding
Enrollment with identity verification

The client registers remotely from any mobile device or at the establishment’s reception. It is enough to take a photo of your ID and a selfie.

We check:

  • The integrity of the identity document
  • That the user is the holder of the document
  • That the user is of legal age
  • That the user is not in the registry of prohibited and self-prohibited users.
digital onboarding
Facial biometric access

The customer presents himself at the gaming establishment and accesses through the facial biometrics terminals.

  • We check that the customer is registered and of legal age.
  • We connect with the database of each Autonomous Community and check if the player is registered as self-prohibited.
  • We allow or deny access.
Monitoring and information management portal

We offer a monitoring and information management portal where you can consult all the information centrally about the events in your establishment to get the best performance from your business.

  • Access and records
  • Alerts
  • Capacity control
  • Customer management
Integration with access controls

We integrate easily with any access system and control software. We can combine with other accessories to complete the system, such as sound beacons, cameras or the installation of physical or virtual doors.

Legal assistance

Several regulations govern the use of biometric technology, and we advise and accompany you to ensure compliance.

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Facial Parking Access

Simplify entry, save time, and manage your stadium parking more efficiently.

Quick Facial Parking Access

Enter the parking area in under 1 second with facial recognition technology.

Stress-Free Experience

Simplify the ticket purchase process and enable attendees to enjoy a hands-free experience throughout their stadium stay.

Enhanced Security

Elevate your parking security for peace of mind.

Facial Ticketing

Protect your Stadium with our end-to-end identity verification platform, featuring biometric and document verification, trusted data sources, and fraud detection.

Instant Identity Verification

Verify your attendees’ identity remotely in less than 1 minute.

Pop-up Convenience

Simplify the ticket purchase process and enable attendees to enjoy a hands-free experience throughout their stadium stay.

Maximum Security

Enhance the security of the purchase process, eliminating the possibility of fraud, resale, and unauthorized access.

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