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Anywhere, any time

Engage with your customers through any channel, wherever and whenever they want.

Increase your online service offerings, forget passwords and protect your users and your business against identity fraud.  

One platform, a thousand possibilities

Digital customer onboarding

User authentication

Fraud prevention

And much more!

They already trust us

100% automated, proprietary and global technology

> Document verification in more than 180 countries

> Facial biometrics evaluated by NIST

> Certified liveness detection

> Second best voice biometrics engine in the world

Get up and running in just 2 weeks

Learn how industry leaders are using biometrics to improve their business. We invite you to watch the webinar “Voice biometrics: forget all your passwords, just speak!”


Comply with regulation in every country

With our technology you will meet all the requirements of existing regulations such as the RGPD.

Your identity, your security

Our commitment to quality, regulation and compliance is maximum. Our raison d’être is to protect people’s identities, that is why we are evaluated and compliant and are supporting regulators around the world:

iBeta Level 1 PAD - ISO 30107
Esquema Nacional de Seguridad

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