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Identity verification SDKs:
available for Android, iOS and HTML

We develop 100% in-house identity verification SDKs that ensure the capture of evidence throughout identity verification processes is done under optimal conditions.

Our ID verification SDKs guide the user during the process and offer an optimized user experience.

Integrate them on web, iOS or Android environments. 

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Document Capture SDK

Our document capture SDK captures identity documents automatically. The user is assisted by a powerful guidance system to ensure optimal document capture.

It helps with alignment, light and blurry images. Photos are then processed by our Document Verification API

NFC Reading SDK

This NFC SDK automatically reads data from the NFC chip of an electronic passport (ICAO) or electronic ID card. By placing the device on top of the document, this SDK automatically extracts all the information present in the NFC chip to corroborate the consistency of this data with OCR extraction and facial biometrics.

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Liveness Detection SDK

The liveness detection SDK performs active and passive liveness detection by asking the user to perform a series of random head movements. 

This ensures the person behind an identity verification process is real and not a video, deep-fake, or another type of fraud attack. 

Video Capture SDK

The video SDK captures a simultaneous video of the user’s face and identity document during the identity verification process to comply with regulators in certain countries.

This process complies with the requirements of SEPBLAC and Order ETD/645/2021 in Spain and CNBV in Mexico.

Easily integrated APIs and SDKs for identity verification

Visit out Product Documentation Hub and learn about all the technical details and information on our biometric APIs and SDKs for identity verification and user authentication. 

> Modular integration: Choose your own flow and combine our APIs and SDKs to customize your customer journey. 

> Plug&Play integration: Integrate a complete onboarding flow in just 2 weeks. 

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