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Identity Verification that lets you focus on your clients' needs

With our biometric solutions, you can quickly and securely verify the identity of your customers. Our technology allows you to increase your online service offerings and eliminate the need for passwords. By doing so, you protect your users and your business against identity fraud, saving you time and money.

Why choose Veridas?

Reduce Operational Costs

Automate identity verification with our biometric solutions to cut costs linked to manual identity checks, including staffing, training, and infrastructure expenses.

Avoid identity theft

With our biometric technology, you can enjoy secure and precise identity verification. Only authorized individuals gain access to services, minimizing the threat of identity theft. Protecting both businesses and customers from costly and harmful consequences.


Increase your customers’ satisfaction

Experience the convenience of our biometric solutions, eliminating passwords and security questions. Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty with effortless access to services, all while ensuring data protection- 

Real projects with real customers


Reduction in Average Handling Time (AHT)


IDV processes executed worldwide


Voice authentication

Live with hundreds of clients
and in 25+ countries

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