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Financial Services

Join the revolution in FinTech

Verify the identity of your customers quickly and securely with our biometrics solutions. 

Increase your online service offerings, forget passwords and protect your users and your business against identity fraud.  

One platform, a thousand possibilities

Digital customer onboarding

User authentication

Fraud prevention

And much more!

They already trust us

100% automated, proprietary and global technology

> Document verification in more than 180 countries

> Facial biometrics evaluated by NIST

> Certified liveness detection

> Second best voice biometrics engine in the world

Get up and running in just 2 weeks

BBVA, Improving the live of pensioners

Discover the first case in the world where pensioners have provided proof of life over the phone thanks to voice biometrics.


Comply with regulation in every country

With our technology you will meet all the requirements of existing regulations such as GDPR or CCPA.

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