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New banking identity:
win the connected customer

Frictionless Everything; from onboarding to account access to expanded services, Veridas gives you the Identity Platform that speeds customer authentication at every step — while delivering best-in-class fraud mitigation and flawless compliance.

Banking Experiences Consumers Love

Seamless & reliable
identity verification

Onboard new customers in less than 1 minute from everywhere and on any device complying with KYC regulations.

Build customer loyalty by letting your clients operate online safely with the best user experience.

Digital authentication
across multiple platforms

Your clients’ identity doesn’t change across channels, so why not offer the same experience in every scenario?

With our digital & physical authentication technology, you can use a single identity platform for the whole customer lifecycle. 

Real projects with real customers.


Banking Use Cases Worldwide


Identities verified worldwide

20 seconds

Average time to complete a full IDV

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