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Simple and streamlined employee management

Ensure compliance with employee clocking-in regulations while providing your employees with a convenient and seamless experience.

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Facial biometrics reduces the risk of fraud, identity theft and the use of forged credentials.

Compliance with time and attendance regulations

Our technology enables companies to comply with
with the law by tracking the access and departure times of your employees.


The office access and clocking-in experience are much simpler and more convenient as biometrics automate manual processes.

Identity Verification Platform

Register your employees quickly and securely

User registration process can be carried out with an existing database or by autonomous registration of the employees.

> One-click registration: If you already have an employee database with photographs, they only need to provide their consent to be registered in the system with just one click.

> 1-minute registration: In any case, your employees can easily register within less than 1 minute by simply scanning their ID and taking a selfie through a provided link.

Facial Biometric Authentication

Biometric access and clocking in

Employees simply present themselves at the biometric access terminal, where the system recognizes them, records their working day, and grants them access to the facilities simultaneously.

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