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ID verification APIs and document verification

We develop Artificial Intelligence APIs for digital identity verification 100% proprietary and available in the cloud. 

ID Verification API

Best in-house ID Verification
and User Authentication APIs


Orchestrating ID verification API

Validas is a REST API that manages the requests made to the other APIs that make up the onboarding process. It is also responsible for retrieving all the results and data that these microservices generate and making them available through its API, facilitating the onboarding process.


Plug&Play Onboarding API

XpressID is a standard identity verification service designed for quick and easy integration into a web environment. In addition to an onboarding process with document verification and facial biometrics + proof of life matching, XpressID offers the optional video call service. 


Facial recognition API

das-Face is a REST API that compares two facial images and gives a similarity score to determine if they are the same person. The main functions it can perform are verification (1:1), identification (1:N), clustering (M:N), and proof of life or anti-fraud. 

das-Face QR

Biometric QR generation API

das-Face QR is a service based on a patented technology that allows the authentication of a person through their facial biometrics.  The biometric verification process is performed as a comparison between a facial image and an abstract representation of the person’s face stored on a biometric credential.


Voice biometrics API

das-Peak is a REST API that compares two pieces of audio and determines if they correspond to the same person. The system only needs 3 seconds of audio to make the comparison, in any language and with any phrase. This biometrics engine has been recognized as one of the best in the world in different global rankings. 

Access our Documentation Hub and get started with Veridas ID verification APIs

Our APIs are available in the cloud and allow you to build a flow that is uniquely tailored to your needs. 

> Modular integration: Choose your own flow and combine our facial recognition and document verification APIs through a single orchestrator API. 

> Plug&Play integration: With XpressID you can integrate a complete onboarding flow in 2 weeks. 

Find out more about our biometrics APIs in the Product  Documentation Hub. 

ID Verification API

Why use an identity verification API?

Remote Identity Verification is a key process for any company that has online interactions with its customers. 

Identity Verification APIs allow you to verify the identity of your customers online, at any moment, with no need for human interaction. 

Veridas develops 100% in-house ID verification APIs that allow for document verification, facial recognition, and voice recognition

These biometric APIs powered by Artificial Intelligence are ranked among the best in the world by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Why choose our document verification API?

Our document verification API verifies the authenticity of identity documents from a wide document coverage.

More than 30 Artificial Intelligence algorithms are launched on a single document to verify its authenticity. Our engine extracts the full OCR of the document and carries out advanced document anti-fraud measures such as material authenticity, document integrity, photo replacements, or NFC chip reading. 

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