Digital Onboarding

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Digital Onboarding

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Digital Onboarding

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Digital Onboarding

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APIs for digital identity verification

We develop APIs for digital identity verification 100% proprietary and available in the cloud. 

Orchestrating APIvaliDas

Validas is a REST API that manages the requests made to the other APIs that make up the onboarding process. It is also responsible for retrieving all the results and data that these microservices generate and making them available through its API, facilitating the onboarding process.

Face biometrics and liveness detection

das-Face is a REST API that compares two facial images and gives a similarity score to determine if they are the same person.

The main operations it can perform are:

Biometric QR

das-Face QR is a service based on a patent-pending technology that enables authentication of a person through their facial biometrics. This service is offered as a cloud-based or SaaS solution that can be consumed through APIs. The biometric verification process is performed as a comparison between a facial image and an abstract representation of the person’s face stored on a biometric credential.

The facial biometric credential is a mathematical vector obtained from the characteristics of the face in a facial photo. This mathematical conversion of the face into a biometric vector is irreversible. Therefore, it is not possible to recover a person’s face from the calculated biometric vector.

QR biometrico

Identity Document Verification

OCR extraction

Extracts all characters present on both the front and back of any ID document.

Advanced document verification

Validate the authenticity of any identity document.

Using a set of patented technologies that detect different security measures present in more than 400 documents, Identidas provides a document authenticity score, and triggers an alarm when invalid, forged or counterfeit documents are detected.

Xpress ID

Voice Biometrics

The Veridas Voice Biometrics API is a language and text independent voice verification software that ranks among the best in the world. It is offered in REST API format.

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