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our liveness detection technology

What is liveness detection?

Within the digital identity verification process, liveness detection verifies that the user performing the process is a real person.

Why is it necessary?

The virtual world is the scenario of constant fraud and impersonation attacks.

For an identity verification process to be secure and reliable, it must include a liveness detection test.

Our technology determines that the person performing an online transaction is a real person and is who he or she claims to be.

You will detect fraudulent attacks such as photos, deep fakes, 3D masks, and other impersonation attempts.

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Not all liveness detection technologies are advanced, ours is.

Our advanced liveness testing allows us to find the perfect balance between security and user experience.
  • The user has to perform a series of random movements
Certified by iBeta Level 1 PAD – ISO 30107

Video identification

A fast, simple, and robust video identification solution against fraud.

  • The user shows his face
  • The user shows his/her ID

With our video-identification solution, you will be able to comply with all the requirements of SEPBLAC in Spain and the CNBV in Mexico


Veridas, your trusted partner

  • Modularity: choose the option that best suits your needs and find the perfect balance between security and user experience.
  • Compliance: We help you comply with the regulations of each country such as SEPBLAC in Spain and the CNBV in Mexico.
  • Cloud-based: All Veridas technologies are available through the cloud.
  • Anti-spoofing: protect your business and your users from online fraud with our iBeta certified technology.
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