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Digital Onboarding

> Free Buyers Guide

Digital Onboarding

> Free Buyers Guide

Digital Onboarding

> Free Buyers Guide

Digital Onboarding

> Free Buyers Guide

Digital Onboarding

> Free Buyers Guide

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According to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), biometrics is «the automatic recognition of individuals based on their biological and behavioral characteristics.»

You can find out more about biometrics and identity in our Academy section.

Identity verification and user authentication solutions are very useful for any business. Today, most businesses have some kind of digital interaction with their customers or even their employees. Knowing with certainty who is on the other side of the screen is vital in order to establish trust and operate securely. 

Our solutions can be integrated within 2 weeks or even less. Our Customer Success team will help you through the whole process so you don’t have to worry. Technical details can be found in our Product Documentation Hub.  

Our technology is SaaS (Software as a Service), so we can provide service anywhere in the world. 

Additionally, we have local teams in Spain, Mexico, the United States and the United Kingdom. 

All our technologies comply with international and national data protection regulations. You can read more about this in our Data Protection section. 

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