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Voice Shield
Your Guardian Against Deepfakes for Every Conversation

Shield your company against the unstoppable advance of sophisticated fraud. Detect recorded, manipulated, or artificially generated audio in seconds. Prevent fraud before it happens.
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Veridas Shield Audio Deepfake Protection
How does voice deepfake work?
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/Voice Shield: Empowering Authenticity in every interaction

In an era where deepfake technology threatens the authenticity of voice-based interactions, Veridas presents Voice Shield. Built upon our existing AI-driven methods for authentication, Voice Shield now offers plug&play liveness detection technology without the need for user registration nor consent.

Voice Shield can identify the authenticity of voices within seconds, distinguishing whether the person on the other end of the call is a real person or a fraud attack.

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/Harness the Power of Voice Shield

Keep ahead
of fraudsters

Keep pace with rapidly evolving deepfake voice manipulation. Don’t fall behind; stay protected with Voice Shield’s proactive fraud prevention measures.

all Interactions

Secure every interaction in your Contact Center by verifying the authenticity of all audio, regardless of the authentication method used, ensuring proactive fraud prevention.

Prevent Financial & Reputational Damage

Investing in proactive security measures can minimize the impact of fraudulent activities on your bottom line, saving your organization valuable resources and reputation.

Keep funnel
conversion rates high

As it is not an authentication but simply a verification of the genuineness of the voice, no prior registration is required, resulting in a fast and frictionless process without impact on the conversion funnel.

Deploy it
in record time

This product can be rapidly integrated into any flux/use case where audio can be captured without requiring additional infrastructure, such as databases.

Rise customer
satisfaction levels

The end user, requiring no registration or explicit consent because no biometric data is used, will experience frictionless protection.

/Secure all your interactions

/Voice Shield is built on two game-changing algorithms


Veridas employs sophisticated techniques to guard against presentation attacks, which may entail the playback of manipulated or artificially generated audio near the microphone, aiming to deceive the biometric system


Veridas is deploying advanced technology to distinguish between synthetic voices, including deepfakes mimicking specific individuals or presenting entirely natural voices not associated with any known person and genuine human voices.

/Your protection against





Voice Shield distinguishes between genuine, pre-recorded, and deepfake voices by analyzing the inherent properties of the voice signal, including its temporal dynamics, spectral features, and linguistic patterns, to accurately assess its authenticity in seconds.

  • Authentic voice reproductions: attacks in which a genuine human voice pre-recorded, and then reproduced through a loudspeaker during a call. Our anti-speaker attack algorithm will stop these fraud attacks, which are the most common.

  • Deepfake reproductions: attacks in which a deepfake voice is reproduced through a loudspeaker during a call. Our anti-speaker attack algorithm will stop these fraud attacks.

  • Deepfake injections: attacks which a deepfake voice is injected during a call. These types of attacks are very sophisticated and hard to attempt. As there is no reproduction attack, they become harder to spot as well. Our deepfake detection algorithm will also protect your company and users against these types of attacks.  

Yes! That is the great advantage of Voice Shield! It works irrespective of the authentication method in place. Whether it is voice biometrics or knowledge-based, you can detect all types of fraud without the need for user registration or consent. This translates into an effortless and passive process for all users.

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