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Juan Fernando C. Bulgarelli

Juan Fernando C. Bulgarelli

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With the Paris 2024 Olympics, the EuroCup 2024, and the Copa America in the States, millions of people are gearing up for these exciting events. However, these events are also prime targets for cyber criminals and the ticket scam. Robust Identity Verification services (IDV) and Authentication methods can significantly enhance security and streamline user experiences. This Q&A will explore the main cyber threats and how we can mitigate these risks.

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How ticket scams work?

Large events attract several types of cyber threats:

  • Phishing Scams: Scammers send fake emails or create fake websites to trick you into sharing personal information. They might offer last-minute tickets or exclusive access deals.
  • Identity Theft: With so many transactions happening, criminals might steal your personal info to buy fraudulent tickets or sell it online.
  • Ransomware Attacks: These attacks lock you out of your data until you pay a ransom. They often start with phishing emails.
  • Denial of Service (DoS) Attacks: These attacks overload websites with traffic, causing them to crash. This could affect ticketing systems, official event sites, or news portals.
  • Fake Ticket and Rental Scams: Fraudsters create fake websites selling bogus tickets or rentals, leading to financial losses and disappointment.

Ticket scams to watch out for in 2024

Ticket scams vary across different industries because of the characteristic features and vulnerabilities of an industry. Some common types of ticket scams across various industries are as follows:

Sports and Events ticket scam

  • Season Ticket Fraud: Scammers selling fake season tickets or unauthorized single-game tickets.
  • Secondary Market Scams: Fraudulent activities on secondary markets where tickets are bought and sold.
  • Premium Ticket Scams: Sell non-existent VIP or premium seats at high prices.

Concert ticket scam

  • Counterfeit Tickets: Fake tickets are sold to unsuspecting customers. Normally, they are indistinguishable from the original ones.
  • Duplicate Tickets: A unique genuine concert ticket fraud is sold to many people.
  • Non-Existent Tickets: Scammers sell tickets for events that never were or to which they have no access.
  • Fake Resale Sites: Fraudulent sites set up to appear as legitimate resale sites.
  • Phishing Newsletter Scams: Emails or other messages appearing to offer tickets but are phishing scams to obtain identifying information.

Flight ticket scam and airline ticket fraud

  • Fake Booking Websites: Enumeration Websites but work under the guise of a legitimate travel agency or airline to dupe the customer into booking travel asymptomatic.
  • Bait-and-Switch: Advertisement of low fares, which are not available at all, and switching to higher ones once the victim is engaged.
  • Resale Fraud: Selling used or canceled tickets.
  • Fake Flight ticket Confirmation Emails: Emails that look like real booking confirmations but include some fake information or malicious links.

Festivals and Carnivals ticket fraud

  • Fake Festival Websites: Entailing an entire fake website mimicking a real festival and collecting money for tickets that would not exist.
  • Social Media Scams: Fraudulent offers that are posted on social media sites; most of the time, these are seen using hijacked accounts to make them look more believable.
  • Group Discount Scams: A group discount is advertised with the view of collecting money and then disappearing.

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How to avoid ticket scams?

Technology is crucial in fighting fraud and enhancing user experience:

  • AI-Driven Solutions: AI detects and responds to suspicious activities, fighting fraud by analyzing patterns and identifying anomalies.
  • Biometric Verification Check: Provide a secure way to verify identities, combating fraud in digital and physical spaces.
  • Fraud Prevention: Biometric technologies detect deepfakes and verify ID authenticity, minimizing fraud risks.
  • Enhanced Security in Stadiums: Biometric verification ensures that only verified users enter venues, enhancing safety.
  • Zero Data ID: Users own their data, ensuring the most secure and private way of personal information protection. See how we enabled access for 12,000 people at the Guardia Civil Flag Swearing in 2024 with our ZeroData ID solution.

What is the future of Event Ticketing?

Biometric solutions like IDV and facial authentication can enhance the fan experience and management processes:

  1. Facial Recognition for Entry: Implement facial recognition at entry points to quickly verify attendees, reducing unauthorized access and wait lines.
  2. Integrated Ticketing Systems: Link IDV with ticket platforms for seamless verification from ticket purchase to stadium entry.
  3. Hands-Free Payment: Activate facial payment systems for convenient transactions without phones or wallets, preventing sales to minors with age estimation if needed.
  4. Employee Management: Use biometric authentication to ensure only authorized employees access different areas, complying with clock-in regulations.

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With the Paris 2024 Olympics, EuroCup 2024, and Copa America, or even the FIFA World Cup 2026™ – Canada, Mexico and the United States next year, robust IDV solutions are the key to enhancing security and streamlining the fan experience. These technologies help ensure that everyone can enjoy the events safely and smoothly.

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