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Digital Onboarding

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Digital Onboarding

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Digital Onboarding

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Digital Onboarding

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Digital Onboarding

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Forget your passwords.
Let your face do the work.

Our biometric face recognition allows you to operate securely in the digital world by simply being you.

  • You, always

    Robust to physical changes

  • In the blink of an eye

    Ultra-fast verification in less than 300 milliseconds. 

  • Inclusive

    No racial, age nor gender bias. 

  • Top-technology

    Evaluated biometric engine in 1:1 and 1:N categories

  • Safe

    Certified anti-spoofing and liveness detection technology

Unique back & front-end technology.
A seamless & safe experience.

Unique capture experience

SDKs available on all platforms

Available on Web (HTML) and Native (Android, iOS & Webviews)

Automatic facial image recognition

The system doesn't react until it detects the presence of a face

Automatic detection of image quality

Detection of quality, brightness, and possible blurriness

Unique biometric comparison

Automatic and ultra-fast verification

Comparison is performed in <300 ms and is based on AI only

Robust to physical changes or demanding environments

Technology resistant to physical shifts or demanding environments

Secured fraud prevention

Veridas has proof-of-life technology, verified by iBeta (level 2) in compliance with ISO 30.107

Avoid siloed identity verification.
Go Phygital.

Link your real physical identity with your digital identity thanks to Veridas & dasGate’s Phygital Identity Platform

You no longer need any id cards and tickets. Enjoy fast, secure, convenient, and contactless access.

Helvetia, access the customer portal with a selfie

Discover this success story where all Helvetia customers have to do to access their private area is take a selfie.

How does a face recognition software work?

Privacy by default. Privacy by design.

Landmarks? No, that’s too old-school.

Our facial biometrics engine is based on Artificial Intelligence. Unlike its predecessors (landmark-based engines), our system analyzes a facial image and converts it into an irreversible mathematical vector, making it impossible to recover the original image in case that vector is lost.

The vectors obtained from the images are compared and the similarity score between them is determined.


How is a face recognition software trained?

1. Robustness to physical changes, the course of time and environmental conditions

Our face biometric engine can recognize a person’s identity over time. In this example, we see famous actor Russell Crowe in different situations over a 20-year span. 

The system provides a very high score in all of them (scores higher than 70% can be considered to correspond to the same person). 

*Images compared with Veridas’ das-Face biometric engine

*Images compared with Veridas’ das-Face biometric engine

2. Robustness to different angles and partial views of the face

Our face biometric system is designed to recognise faces not only in portrait or mugshot formats but over a wide variety of postures and angles. 

In the NIST evaluation, the Veridas engine is specially high-ranked in the WILD category, which is more similar to a real-life environment. 

3. Robustness to a variety of ethnicities and backgrounds (prevention of racial bias)

Racial bias in biometric systems can only be overcome if the engines are trained correctly. 

Veridas works continuously in the diversification of the data provided for machine learning to combat any type of racial bias. 

*Images compared with Veridas’ das-Face biometric engine

*Images compared with Veridas’ das-Face biometric engine

4. Robustness in detecting different identities with similar appearances

Our software is capable of differentiating without difficulties cases in which two people are intentionally prepared to look alike. 

This protects our customers against cases of identity impersonation along with our liveness detection capabilities. 

eBook > Biometrics for dummies

Get a simple and quick answer to all the questions you have about biometrics. 

How does a face recognition system prevent fraud attempts?

Prevent the ultimate fraud. Rely only on assessed solutions.

Veridas has achieved iBeta’s most advanced assessment in liveness detection,being one of the few companies in the world to have both Level 1 and Level 2. 

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