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Face Biometrics: The Key To Passwordless Security

Experience the future of secure authentication with our face recognition technology, top-ranked by NIST. Move from passwords to frictionless security.

/Fast, Flexible, and Internationally Certified
Seamless integration with our SDKs available on all platforms —guided by assisted selfie capture with real-time feedback.
Our Liveness Detection technology is qualified by iBeta with Level 2 in compliance with ISO 30.107.
Our NIST top-ranked face biometric technology is resistant to physical shifts or demanding environments, providing reliable authentication in any situation. Free rom racial, age, and gender bias.
Our sub-300ms process, built on state-of-the-art AI algorithms, ensures instant verification.
/Elite Proprietary Biometrics
certified accuracy
position in latest NIST FRVT reports
to complete a face authentication
Level 2
Qualified Liveness Detection technology by iBeta with the highest level.

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about biometric technology and Artificial Intelligence.

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