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/Euskaltel, 100% online account opening and cancellation

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The leading operator in fibre and services in the north of Spain needed a technological solution to carry out 100% online customer registration and deregistration procedures.

For a leading telecommunications operator such as the Euskaltel Group, it was essential to have a secure and reliable solution that would allow it to digitize its processes with maximum security and without affecting the experience of its users.

Thanks to our identity document verification technology, they have incorporated the digitalized and automatic detection in their database of incomplete customer identity documents or no longer considered valid (such as an expired ID card), which allows them to save a significant amount of management hours.

About Euskaltel Group

The Euskaltel Group, with its brands Euskaltel in the Basque Country, R in Galicia and Telecable in Asturias, is a leader in all the markets it operates in, with strong local involvement and a leader in fibre optic and convergent telecommunications services. Since August 2021, it has been part of the MASMOVIL Group. The addition of MASMOVIL together with Euskaltel has given rise to a group with nearly 14M lines -11M mobile customers, more than 3M broadband customers-, estimated revenues of approximately 3,000M€, with an EBITDA of more than 1,000M€, 26.5M homes connected with fibre optic, and nearly 2,000 employees, with a strong presence throughout the national territory.

The Euskaltel Group offers ICT solutions throughout the communication cycle of its residential and business customers, with a wide range of technological services ranging from Internet, fixed telephony, mobile telephony, digital television and broadband, to digital transformation processes, IoT (Internet of Things) solutions, Artificial Intelligence, technology for Smart Cities and Industry 4.0.

It is currently in the process of modernizing its infrastructure for all its customers, who will have the fastest and most modern fibre and 5G network in Spain, with accesses up to 10 symmetrical gigabytes, to place the Basque Country, Galicia and Asturias among the most advanced regions in Europe in terms of telecommunications technology and infrastructure.

Improving the user experience while maintaining security and trust.

Customer account opening and cancellation are among the most common processes for telecommunications operators, and their management involves a great deal of time, money and resources.

Customer identity verification has to be done in a secure manner, which has traditionally required the physical presence of customers in a store or office.

However, as digitization advances, users increasingly demand digital interaction with companies. If it can be done online, no one wants to waste time and money on unnecessary travel.

Veridas digital onboarding, the path to a secure and reliable Digital Transformation

After an exhaustive analysis of the market, the Euskaltel Group decided to trust Veridas as one of the only companies that can offer:

  • 100% proprietary technology
  • Biometric engines evaluated by the highest standards, such as NIST in the United States
  • Anti-spoofing technology to avoid fraud cases
  • Global document coverage of more than 400 documents
  • Software as a Service accessible from the cloud
  • Service support and integration assistance with a dedicated Customer Success team
  • Adjustable and scalable rates based on process volume
  • Full compliance with European and national regulations

Thanks to Veridas solutions, Euskaltel Group now offers 100% digital to its customers:

  1. Account opening: The user scans their identity document through the Euskaltel APP in a guided process of just 10 seconds. Our document verification engine analyzes the document provided by the user and verifies if it is valid. Being able to analyze security measures in more than 400 documents. The verification is done in a few moments.
  2. Account cancellation: In the same way, users can start the deregistration process with a single scan on both sides of an ID document.

In addition, improving the efficiency of its procedures, Euskaltel is implementing a regularization service for documents stored in its database that are incomplete or no longer considered valid.

Como funciona el OCR

The result, a digital and close relationship

Euskaltel started using Veridas digital onboarding in June 2021. Since then, more than 121,000 validations have been completed:

Allowing the company, in addition:

  • Validations with a wide variety of documents, including ID card, residence permit or driver’s license.
  • Service available in the three platforms: Android, IOS and HTML 100% remotely.
  • Reduction of operating costs.

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