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Digital Onboarding

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Digital Onboarding

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Digital Onboarding

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Digital Onboarding

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Digital Onboarding

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Identify your customers in 3 seconds.
No questions. No friction.

With voice biometrics you can verify the identity of your customers in 3 seconds passively through any channel (mobile, phone, app, chat…). 

Forget about endless questions and meet your customers’ needs instantly. 

How are clients verified in Contact Centers?

Verification without biometrics

Long (and costly) processes ❌
Knowledge-based verifications take on average 30-45 seconds per phone call. 

Multichannel ❌
Traditional methods do not allow for unique identification across all channels.

Uncertain identity ❌
Password or question methods only verify the information, not the identity of the person.

Compromised security ❌
It is easy to impersonate a person’s identity with question-based methods since it is information that may be known to others. 

Verification with biometrics

Transparent processes ✅
Authentication happens naturally while the person converses or sends a 3-second audio. 

Omnichannel ✅
It is possible to be verified by voice through any channel (phone, chat, app).

Real identity ✅
Verification of the person thanks to their biometrics, a unique and differential element of each person such as their voice or face.

Maximum security ✅
With an accuracy of more than 99.9% and an anti-fraud system to detect pre-recorded or synthetic voices.

Reduce Average Handling Time (AHT).
Save time and money.

Voice biometrics allows you to verify your users in a natural way. Once they are registered in the system, they do not have to answer any questions but simply describe the reason for their call. Automatically and passively, with only 3 seconds of audio they are recognized by the system.

With biometrics you can save an average of 30 to 45 seconds per call, improving your customers’ experience and reducing operating costs. 

One person. Multiple channels.

Our solutions can be integrated into multiple channels such as call centers, chatbots, apps, websites… Let your customers decide how they want to communicate with you. Offer them a frictionless, fast and secure identification experience. 

We are integrated in

Discover biometric solutions for contact centers

A global and trusted solution

"No other solution in the market provided us with the same quality of UX, thanks to the minimal time required for registration and verification while guaranteeing such a high level of accuracy, with minimal error rates".
Bernhard Hochstätter
Executive Product Manager
“In addition to cost savings and improved security, the technological capabilities brought to us by Veridas allow us to enable new businesses that were unthinkable four years ago
Juan Francisco Losa
Chief Technology Security Officer

Proprietary technology.
Leading technology.





Passive & Active recorded or synthetic voice detection

Maxiumum accuracy (+99.9%)

Ultra-fast processing
(150 milliseconds)

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