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Verify age quickly & confidently

Verify customer ages in seconds with our quick and easy biometrics-based solution. Mitigate the potential for fines and reputational damage while creating fast and frictionless access experiences for customers.


Why choose Veridas?

Win more customers

Minimize friction with our streamlined Age Verification Solution. Hassle-free & secure, just one selfie is all it takes.

Protect your reputation

While fines may be steep for age-related violations, reputation damage can be worse. Protect yourself with better technology.

Simplify Compliance

In addition to keeping your compliance with age-based laws, our solution is built to protect customer privacy – another important win

Step 1

Age verification made a snap for your customers

The process is fast and familiar for your customers. Just as quickly as taking a selfie, you can verify their age and provide fast access to those who meet your requirements. Common attempts to claim a false identity are instantly uncovered with our iBeta Level 2 Qualified Liveness Detection technology.

Step 2

Backed by our Real Identity Platform

If the validated age is below a confidence threshold, our comprehensive suite of identity solutions, including ID document verification and NIST’s top-ranked face biometric engines, powers our Age Verification solution, ensuring swift and secure age verification for your customers.
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