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ID Document Verification

Prevent Fraud with
Automated Document
Verification Technology

Discover the future of Identity Document Verification with our fully automated solution. Powered exclusively by AI algorithms, our solution certifies maximum fraud prevention and global coverage.

/Why choose Veridas?

Altered and counterfeit identity documents present a serious security threat during application and onboarding processes. 

Our patented technology instantly verifies document authenticity without adding friction for your customers or your internal teams. 

Eliminating manual reviews can reduce your costs and simplify secure self-service verification anywhere.

100% Proprietary

Easily adapts to your needs with no third-party interaction


Built on highly NIST-rated AI algorithms, with no need for human review.


Identifies and rejects fraudlent documents in seconds

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/Operate anywhere in the world. We've got you covered.

Interact with customers from all over the world without any fear. Our document coverage includes IDs, Driving Licenses, Residence Permits and Passports from more than 190 countries. 

/Simplicity for users, security for you

Superior User Experience

Enhanced Document Verification

More and better customers

Guided experience on any platform

Our SDKs enable easy integration across all platforms — users get a guided process with assisted selfie capture and real-time feedback.

Hyper-accurate Data Extraction

Extract data in 40+ languages from VIZ, MRZ, 2D bar codes and NFC chips to ensure verification accuracy.

Search Global Databases

Connect to external databases to check IDs against PEPs, AML providers and government records.

Simplify user experience worldwide

Automatically determine country and document types to ensure a seamless user experiences.

Fight new & emerging fraud

Stay current and protect against evolving document fraud methodologies.

High Processing Rates

Achieve superior conversion rates with our certified 98%+ identity document processing.

/A Highly Effective Global Solution


Countries. Compatible with most common
government-issued IDs


ID Document verification rate


Automated process — easy for users

/An identity platform for the whole customer's lifecycle

Authenticate applicant and customer identities anywhere — in seconds

Avoid penalities and reputation damage for providing underage access

Compatible with driving licenses issued by most governments


The verification of identity documents is the digital analysis of different security measures present in a document to verify its authenticity and validity digitally and remotely.

If you want to add an extra layer of security to your verification process, our NFC chip reader SDK is the best choice.

This technology makes it possible to compare the information present in the document with that contained in the chip, obtaining an extremely secure and reliable validation.

  • High compatibility: Available on iOS and Android.
  • Ultra-fast: Reading of all data and images stored on the chip instantly.
  • Global coverage: NFC reading of any electronic ID cards and e-passports under ICAO regulations.

We perform security check on three different levels depending on the document and issuing country.


security measures

Are they using a real document?

When performing a digital onboarding, how can you be sure your users are using a real document? With our software you’ll be able to spot these 2 types of liveness document attacks:

  • Print attack: Present a printout of the original ID
  • Replay attack: display a photo or scan of an ID on a screen
Replay Attack

Example of a screen attack (Replay Attack)

Documento de identidad manipulado

Example of birth year manipulation

Have they modified the data on the document?

Fraudsters can also make digital or physical modifications to real IDs. There are 3 types of attacks: 

  • Manipulation of printed data: either VIZ (visual zone) or MRZ (Machine Readable Zone). 
  • Manipulation of bidi codes (QRs)
  • Photo replacement: modification of the printed photo in the document.

Are they using a fake document?

Finally, there are fraudsters that reproduce genuine documents made outside of the issuing authority of the document. 

These documents are specially hard to spot in a physical and manual process due to the advanced techniques used by scammers. 

Example of a fake document

Real-time third-party verification. We do it for you.

> Sanctions, Watchlists, PEPs & Adverse Media orchestrated service, together with Comply Advantage.

> Data verification orchestrated service: phone number, address, IBAN, etc.

> Government data verification orchestrated service: Spain (Gov.), USA (AAMVA), Peru (RENIEC), Mexico (RENAPO), Colombia (REGISTRADURÍA), and more. 

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