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document verification

What is document verification?

The verification of identity documents consists of the analysis of different security measures present in a document to verify its authenticity and validity digitally and remotely.

At Veridas, we perform this process fully automatically and in real time, thanks to our Artificial Intelligence engine. 

We have a wide document coverage in more than 190 countries. 

How does it work?

The process is fully automatic and user-guided. Our document capture SDK ensures that the document images are captured in optimal conditions.

Once the document images (front and back) are extracted, they are processed in the cloud where several operations are performed:

> Complete OCR extraction

> Security measures analysis

> Material authenticity

> MRZ checksums

> Data logic

> Screen attacks

Finally, a global score is issued on the authenticity of the document.

NFC reading, security and robustness against fraud

If you want to add an extra layer of security to your verification process, our NFC chip reader SDK is the best choice.

This technology makes it possible to compare the information present in the document with that contained in the chip, obtaining an extremely secure and reliable validation. 

> High compatibility: Available on iOS and Android.

> Ultra-fast: Reading of all data and images stored on the chip instantly.

> Global coverage: NFC reading of any electronic ID cards and e-passports under ICAO regulations.

> Easy to use: The SDK has guides and help messages to facilitate NFC reading by the user.

Visualization dashboard

With our data visualization tool you will be able to see in detail the results of each process. 

  • Possibility of manual review of each process
  • Detailed document validation scores
  • Storage of evidence captured during the process (selfie or video)
  • Contextual data of the device
  • Video call functionality with agent

At the forefront of the fight against document fraud

Identity document fraud is a problem in the physical world and even more so in the digital world.

To ensure that a document is real and valid, we analyze the following:

OCR reading

Extraction of all the fields written on the document (name, surname or address…), in addition to the MRZ (Machine-Readable Zone).

Two-dimensional code reading

We recognize the information present in PDF417, CodeBar, QRs and compare it with the information printed on the document to detect alterations.

Photo impersonation

We check if the photo in the document has been replaced or modified and is not the original one.


We discern whether the document shown is a real physical document or a screen or image.


We know if the document shown is a black and white photocopy.

Broken documents

We appreciate alterations or damages present in the document.

* Not applicable for all documents and geographies. Please contact us for more information.

Global document coverage

We cover more than 400 identity documents from over 180 countries, including all ICAO regulated passports.

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