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Discover all the major improvements and new features that come in our latest product release 


New PEPs & AML connection

Our digital onboarding now enables the connection to external PEPs (Politically Exposed Person) & AML (Anti-Money Laundering) databases.

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Improved document fraud detection algorithms

We have deployed a new colored photocopy (print attack) detection algorithm for all ID documents with a 90% detection rate.

Document coverage extended and improved data extraction

The professional card and residence permit (FM3) from Mexico and the Andorran (NRT) and Peruvian residence permit have been added to our extensive document coverage.

The 2D barcode decoding has been improved by 1% in all geographies, whereas the Character Error Rate has improved by 1% for Spanish, Dutch, and Hungarian documents.

Boosted funnel conversion rates across the board

The document funnel conversion has improved across multiple geographies: 5% in Mexico, 35% in the Netherlands, 9% in France and Hungary, and 4% in Bulgary.

Similarly, the biometric verification funnel conversion has increased by 2% in the native process for Colombian documents.

The overall processing time has been reduced by 10%.

Improved UX in our Biometric Identity Management Platform

The search experience process has been improved, as well as the video call management tools for agents.

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