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Voice Biometric Authentication

Speak freely.

Modernize customers and employees authentication with our seamless, voice-based recognition solution. Our advanced NIST top-ranked technology ensures maximum accuracy, regardless of the text and language.
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/Fast, Flexible, and Internationally Certified

Our text and language independent technology enable verification across different phrases and languages without requiring the user to remember a specific phrase or read the same one every time.
Integrate voice activity, noise detection and voice authenticity detection to protect against any form of spoofing, including deepfakes or synthetic voices.
Our biometric engine received top ratings from both NIST (#2) and the SdSV (#2), placing it among the leading solutions in the market.
We enable a record minimum voice duration of 3 seconds and provide verification in just 0.14 seconds.
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/Instant Deployment Across Platforms

Deploy the solution in any environment or communication platform in hours, thanks to our easy-to-use cloud service.

/Proprietary & Leading Technology

of free speech: instant verification
reduction in Average Handle Time (AHT)
Average funnel conversion rate

/Use Cases

Ensuring Secure Authentication in the Age of Synthetic Fraud

Unveil the power of voice biometric authentication by understanding the deceptive power of voice deepfakes and the risks they pose to individuals and organizations. Empower your business with the tools to effectively safeguard against this evolving menace.

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