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/Database Deduplication

Detect Duplicate Identities
and Unwanted Users Instantly

Safeguard your database from fraudulent entries — eliminate duplicates and identify unwanted users before they cause harm. Stay ahead of fraudulent attempts.
Fraud detection

/Fortify your defenses.
Key benefits of our fraud prevention solution

Mitigate Financial Risks and Operational Losses

Combat potential economic losses caused by fraud incidents. By deploying our fraud prevention solution, we decrease the risk of financial setbacks, ensuring operational stability and minimizing capital consumption.

Stay Compliant, Avoid Penalties

Ensure compliance with Anti-Money Laundering regulations and data protection standards. By proactively implementing measures to prevent identity theft, shield your business from the risk of penalties and sanctions.

Dissuade Criminal Targeting

By fortifying your defense against fraud, make your business a less attractive target for criminals. Deter criminal activities and redirect their focus away from your organization, safeguarding your operations and reputation.

/Advanced Fraud Prevention:
Identification & Clusterization Features

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Stop Fraudsters at Entry: Strengthen Onboarding Security

Verify new registrations against your database and unwanted lists in real time. Prevent fraudulent attempts by ensuring users aren’t already registered or flagged.

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Database Integrity Made Simple: Eliminate Duplicates Efficiently

Our technology allows you to group identities with high similarity to find duplicate identities in a database with an accuracy of 97.6%.

/Elite Proprietary Technologies

Less than 1 sec
to compare 1 face against 1 million
position in the latest NIST FRVT report*
>10 million
identities analyzed in a single operation
proprietary technology
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Facial Parking Access

Simplify entry, save time, and manage your stadium parking more efficiently.

Quick Facial Parking Access

Enter the parking area in under 1 second with facial recognition technology.

Stress-Free Experience

Simplify the ticket purchase process and enable attendees to enjoy a hands-free experience throughout their stadium stay.

Enhanced Security

Elevate your parking security for peace of mind.

Facial Ticketing

Protect your Stadium with our end-to-end identity verification platform, featuring biometric and document verification, trusted data sources, and fraud detection.

Instant Identity Verification

Verify your attendees’ identity remotely in less than 1 minute.

Pop-up Convenience

Simplify the ticket purchase process and enable attendees to enjoy a hands-free experience throughout their stadium stay.

Maximum Security

Enhance the security of the purchase process, eliminating the possibility of fraud, resale, and unauthorized access.

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