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Digital customer

Begin your journey to a safe and reliable digital transformation

> Do you need to verify the identity of your customers?

> Do you want to offer more services digitally?

> Do you want to digitize your existing database?

With our digital onboarding solution, you can do that and much more! Verify the identity of your customers in less than 1 minute with maximum security and the best user experience, while complying with all current regulations.

The leaders of every sector already trust us

The way new clients want to operate

Users are increasingly demanding omnichannel communication with companies. 

Our onboarding solution allows you to break that first barrier and open a world of digital possibilities.

Create your own customer journey with our modular pieces and adapt to change. 

Comply with all legal requirements

Our solutions comply with the strictest regulations in each country (RGPD, CCPA, SEPBLAC, CNBV).

We help you adapt to the new legal requirements while increasing your conversion rate.

Choose the solution that best suits your needs

Modular Onboarding

Choose from our wide range of services and create your own customer journey. 

  • Customizable
  • Available in iOS, Android and HTML

Plug & Play

Choose your customer journey and in 2 hours you will have it configured on any web page.

  • Integrated in 2 hours
  • Available in HTML

Multiple options, same confidence

Document Verification with global coverage

> OCR Extraction: Extracts the characters present on the front and back of any ID document.

> Document verification: Validates the authenticity of more than 400 identity documents.

NFC chip reading: Automatically reads NFC chip data from an electronic passport (ICAO) and national ID cards.

World leading face biometrics ranked by NIST

> Facial biometrics: Compares the image printed on the ID card with the selfie captured during the process and gives a similarity score to determine if it is the same person.


Protect your business against fraud with our certified liveness detection

To perform a secure and robust identity verification process against possible fraud attacks, it is necessary to have anti-spoofing technology to determine if the person behind the screen is who he/she claims to be and is real.

At Veridas we have the most robust technology to protect your business and your users:

> Advanced Liveness Detection: iBeta Level 1 PAD certified, this option allows you to find the perfect balance between security and user experience.

Video identification service

Simultaneous video of the user’s face and identity document. This process complies with the requirements of SEPBLAC in Spain and CNBV in Mexico.


Videocall service with agent

With our data visualization tool, it is also possible to make a video call with an authorized agent when the process requires it. 

After identity verification, the call with the agent takes place immediately.

Visualization dashboard

With our data visualization tool you will be able to see in detail the results of each process. 

  • Possibility of manual review of each process
  • Detailed document validation scores
  • Storage of evidence captured during the process (selfie or video)
  • Contextual data of the device
  • Video call functionality with agent

Identity, Biometrics and Artifical Intelligence

Discover the new era of biometrics with AI, all the legal frameworks and obligations in terms of security and data protection, and how ethics should guide the activity of our sector.

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