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Digital Onboarding

Maximum trust
Minimum friction

Navigate fraud and compliance while boosting
customers’ acquisition rates.
Secure and automated onboardingis the gateway
to more and better clients.

digital onboarding
digital onboarding

/New opportunities. Broader risks

Navigate fraud and compliance while boosting customers’ acquisition rates.
Secure and automated onboarding is the gateway to more and better clients.


Reduce dropout rates

Simplify your onboarding process, making it more convenient and user-friendly for your customers. 

Increase security

Ensure that only authorized individuals can access your services, protecting your business from fraud and identity theft.

Save time and resources

Save time and resources, focusing on providing value to your customers and growing your business.

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/Balancing security and user experience with Digital Onboarding Solutions

Easy ID Document Capture

Our AI-driven solutions make the process seamless by providing real-time guidance, ensuring the document capture is successful every time. No need to navigate through a list of document types - our system automatically identifies the document, simplifying the experience for you.

> Improved efficiency through automated document verification. flexibility.

> Enhanced security through superior fraud detection capabilities.

digital onboarding software

Seamless Selfie Capture

Our assisted image capture technology will guide you through the entire process to ensure that your selfie meets the necessary requirements, providing instant feedback if adjustments are needed. From lighting conditions to potential obstructions, we ensure your selfie is captured flawlessly.

> Avoid user frustration with real-time guidance and immediate feedback.

> Detect all fraud attempts with our iBeta Level 2 liveness detection.

plataforma de onboarding digital

Instant Decision Making

Sit back and let our AI-powered identity verification technology do the work. Within seconds, our advanced algorithms analyze the data from the captured documents and selfies, providing a swift and accurate decision tailored to your business needs.

> Increased customer satisfaction through smooth onboarding experiences.

> Effectively combat fraud through integrated third-party screening services (PEPs & Sanctions, Adverse Media, and governments)

> Scale customer acquisition through ultra-fast verification solutions.

proveedor onboarding digital


Digital customer onboarding is the process by which companies allow their customers to sign up digitally. This process can be performed autonomously by the user at any time and in any place, from a mobile device, tablet or computer.

The onboarding process serves to verify a customer’s identity digitally. This allows companies to capture more customers digitally as it does not require physical trips to stores or branches of the entity. 

In order to carry out this process securely, it is necessary to have a robust and certified technology that prevents fraud attempts during the process.

In order to verify the user’s identity, during the digital onboarding process, through a website or app, the user scans their identity document and takes a photo of their face.

This evidence is analysed by Artificial Intelligence engines that verify the validity and authenticity of the identity document on the one hand, and on the other, perform a biometric comparison between the photo of the document and the photo taken during the process to link the user’s identity with the person who is carrying out the process and thus avoid possible identity theft.

Digital onboarding allows companies to increase their digital service offerings by offering digital and remote customer registration. This possibility of digital onboarding increases the companies’ customer volume and therefore their ROI. 

Once customers are registered in the system, it is possible to extend the range of transactions they can perform thanks to facial or voice authentication. This makes it possible to authorise online payments, perform transactions, authenticate their identity in contact centres and much more.

There are several types of onboarding in companies:

  • Manual face-to-face onboarding: This is the most traditional form in which a person goes to a company branch or store to register as a customer. In this case, a company employee is in charge of collecting and verifying the data provided by the customer. This is a costly and not always secure process.
  • Face-to-face digital onboarding: Adapting new technologies to current scenarios, there is also the possibility of performing digital onboarding but in person. In this case, the customer still goes to the company’s branch office and can be assisted by an employee to carry out the onboarding process. This variant can be convenient for the elderly or people with special needs. The advantage over the previous version is that this one allows the use of the most advanced technology to verify identity documents and perform biometric matching. 
  • Remote digital onboarding: This is perhaps the most convenient way in these new times as it allows users to register at any time and place autonomously. It does not require physical displacements and the whole process is carried out under maximum security. 

Digitizing the onboarding process for companies has a number of advantages: 

  • Increases conversion rates: The remote onboarding process allows many more users to sign up at any time and unattended, which increases the number of people completing the process. 
  • Opens the door to authentication: Once registered, users can perform various online transactions thanks to biometric authentication. 
  • Reduces fraud: Artificial Intelligence engines are able to detect fraud attempts both in identity documents (changes in information, changes in the photo, security measures, holograms, special inks…) and in the biometric matching process (photos of other people, masks, masks, deepfakes…).
  • Improved user experience: It is a much faster and simpler process compared to face-to-face registration. It allows users to do it from their own device at any time and place. 
  • Complies with regulations: Onboarding processes are regulated in different industries and must comply with current regulations. Veridas onboarding is approved for compliance with the strictest national and international standards. 

/Success Stories with our Digital Onboarding Software

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