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Codere, prevention of underage gambling

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Marta-Morras - Veridas Marketing Team
Marta Morrás

Head of Marketing


Online sportsbook and casino

– Industry: Gambling

– Country: Spain

Responsible and secure online gaming thanks to biometrics

Veridas biometrics enables Codere, an online sportsbook and casino, to create an environment where its players enjoy gambling responsibly and securely.

The challenge

In online gambling, the process of registering players and verifying their identity is not as safe and straightforward as in the face-to-face activity of the sector.

Although minors are also totally prohibited from gambling and betting, the digital control of identity in online gambling is complicated: any young person with Internet access and a mobile device can connect and play if a secure onboarding is not established to verify compliance with player registration regulations robustly.

Faced with this situation, the online casino and bookmaker needed to fight against fraudulent access by minors and offer its users a responsible and safe online gaming environment. How did it achieve this?

The solution: Veridas

Through Veridas technology, Codere can verify the identity of its players by simply scanning their ID cards and capturing a selfie.

This process allows for:

· Fast and secure identity verification.
· Identification of minors.
· Detection of users on the banned list.
· Detection of identity theft
· Remote registration of new players
· Authorization of online movements
· Access to gaming rooms (online and in-person).

In this way, Codere guarantees compliance with regulations and offers the best secure online gaming experience to all its users.

The results

Thanks to the collaboration with the technology company Veridas in this use case, Codere is sure that the person on the other side of the screen is who they say they are. This ensures compliance with regulations and increases the security of all its players.

And you, what are you waiting for?

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