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Secure Access Made Simple

Experience the pinnacle of secure access control with our Face Biometric Access Control Platform. Our industry-leading solution combines proprietary hardware and software, powered by top-ranked NIST biometric engines, guaranteeing unparalleled accuracy and reliability.

Digitize access to your facilities and provide users with a fast and convenient experience that sets new standards in security and convenience.

Why choose Veridas?

100% Proprietary Technology

Easily adapt to your needs with no requirements on third parties. 

Fully Automated

Built on state-of-the-art AI algorithms, with no need for human review.


Detects and thwarts fake and tampered documents on-the-fly.

Register, Access and Control. All with Veridas.

Effortless & Secure Enrollment

Whether utilizing an existing database or autonomous registration, our modular Identity Verification Platform allows for flexible enrollment, adapting to your specific requirements.

> 1-Minute Registration: Let your users register quickly from home or with assistance at the entrance using a single selfie or full identity verification. Enjoy convenience, modularity, and flexibility.

>1-Click Registration: Effortlessly integrate with our cloud service via API, uploading your database of user photographs and generating biometric credentials with their consent.

Frictionless Access Control

Experience the seamless power of facial biometric authentication, eliminating the need for physical credentials. Gain swift access using only your face, leaving queues behind and ensuring a smooth flow of people.

> NIST-Ranked Biometric Engine: Top global ranking (#2) guarantees accurate and reliable authentication.

> Flexible Authentication Options: Choose one-factor authentication with face only or deploy two-factor with Biometric QR or Identity Document.

> Lightning-Fast Performance: Authenticate in less than a second, enabling swift access upon approach.

Smart Facility Insights

Unlock the full potential of your access points with our comprehensive monitoring and information management portal. Centralize all data and gain valuable insights for optimized services and enhanced security.

> Adaptability and Efficiency: Customize services to match peak times, maximize efficiency, and meet facility needs with Veridas.

> Streamlined Access Experience: Enable self-service reception, freeing up staff and improving operational efficiency.

> Real-Time Capacity Control: Maintain a safe environment by tracking facility capacity in real-time.

> Proactive Notifications: Receive instant alerts for unauthorized individuals and VIP customers, ensuring prompt action and personalized attention.

Real projects with real customers


Face biometric engine
accuracy (NIST-certified)

< 1 sec.

To capture the face, perform
biometric matching and facilitate access

30 people

accessing per minute

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