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National Fan Registry: The Return of Families to Chilean Stadiums

The National Fan Registry (Registro Nacional de Hinchas, RNH) in Chile, enhanced by Veridas’ facial access technology, transforms the football experience in Chile by making stadiums safer and more welcoming for fans and families.

By simplifying entry with registration and biometric recognition, the ANFP ensures the safety and enjoyment of fans alike and reduces ticket fraud. The RNH sets a new standard for sports venues worldwide by inviting fans to once again share the joys in the facilities.


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/Overview and Challenges

The return of families to the stadiums

The National Professional Football Association (ANFP) represents football clubs in Chile and faces significant challenges.

Stadiums, as centers for family gatherings and sporting enthusiasm around football, have been attended less due to increased violence and insecurity at the stadiums. This situation has led to a decrease in fans in the stands and a tangible loss of revenue.

Challenges and Obstacles

Football clubs and the ANFP have struggled with economic losses and the loss of trust from international bodies, Estadio Seguro, and the fans and families, in addition to the costs associated with imposed sanctions and the need to increase security within the venue.

Violence and insecurity at the stadiums have caused fewer families and fans to attend football matches, resulting in fewer fans in the stands and reduced revenue. This has led to disengagement with the team and a lack of support. Also, ineffective control systems do not deter criminals and provide a safe and agile environment to enter the stadium.

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/Opportunities and Benefits

Opportunities for
the ANFP

/Eradicate violence and ensure safety: The National Fan Registry (RNH) will allow for increased security at matches, both in registration and access, thanks to identity and facial biometrics.

/Attract new investments: The RNH will transform the management of the ANFP in Latin America, improving connections with fans and attracting new investments. This change will lead to advancements in security and technology.

/Prevent fraud and punish the violent: The RNH will ensure a safe and reliable environment by reducing fraud risks by verifying the RUC/RUT (Taxpayer Unique Role) in ticket purchasing and stadium access. Additionally, it will facilitate the tracking and sanctioning of those fans who engage in acts of violence.

Benefits for
the ANFP

/Everything in one ecosystem: Veridas creates a unified ecosystem in the National Fan Registry, allowing access to all identity services from one place, from registration to access or identification of duplicate identities.

/Fast enrollment and stadium access: The RNH streamlines the sign-up process and access, allowing registration and entry to the stadium using facial recognition that is accessible to anyone.

/The best identity technology already tested in Chile:
More than 70,000 fans have already used the platform with positive feedback on registration with the Chilean ID and facial access in less than 1 second.

/Challenges addressed by Veridas for the ANFP

Veridas’ biometric identification system has allowed for quick and secure identity verification. Incorporated into the National Fan Registry, this system offers an unprecedented method to ensure that only authorized fans can access the stadiums, reducing the risk of violence and fraud.

Veridas transformed the experience in stadiums by successfully integrating identity verification into the existing ticketing system, ensuring quick and safe access for everyone. This innovation has made identity verification more efficient and fluid, improving security and convenience in stadium access. This integration sets a new standard in the fan experience.

/RNH Enrollment Process


Users can register in the National Fan Registry (RNH) from any device, anywhere, verifying their identity securely and efficiently.


The system checks if the user is registered when purchasing through any ticket connected to the RNH. If so, a discount is automatically applied in the presale, encouraging registration in the registry.


Using the RUC/RUT number, a verification of prohibited persons (codes 101 and 102) is performed to ensure that the person is authorized to enter the event.


On the day of the match, fans can enter through the facial recognition terminals connected to the fan registry without showing their ID and ticket.

The terminals are part of the National Fan Registry platform. They are connected to the ticketing system, so they work with the same biometric vector and allow the validation of the tickets with the face.

Registro Nacional del Hincha Onboarding
Registro Nacional del Hincha OnboardingRegistro Nacional del Hincha Onboarding

/Immediate Impacts

  1. Each ticket is verified and linked to a real identity, guaranteeing a secure purchase and physically authenticating the user’s identity. This elevates security within the event and increases comfort for attendees.

  2. Ticket resale is eliminated, ensuring a fairer and more transparent experience for fans and organizers.

“What will be checked is that the person is registered. When they buy the ticket, they will be sent to a digital site where they will say if they are registered or not, which will condition the ticket purchase”.

Pablo Milad, president of the ANFP.

Source: El Observador

/Interview on Los Tenores de ADN Radio about the National Fan Registry

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