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/Families are returning to stadiums thanks to the first national identity verification platform for football in Chile, a pioneer in the continent

registro nacional del hincha
Antonio Torres

Antonio Torres

LATAM Marketing Manager

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Veridas has been selected by the National Professional Football Association (ANFP) of Chile as the provider for the implementation of the first National Fan Registry (RNH) in America. This project, specially conceived for football fans in the country, is being led by advanced solutions for identity verification and facial biometric access, thus marking the beginning of an unprecedented initiative on the continent. This new approach lays the groundwork for an identity verification platform that connects directly with ticket sales systems.

In a country where attendance at matches exceeded 1.3 million fans in 2023, the safety of spectators in sports venues has become an essential priority for the Government of Chile through the Safe Stadium program, which seeks to ensure safe spectacles worthy of Chilean fans.

With the support of the ANFP, the National Fan Registry (RNH) will begin its operations on February 11, coinciding with the start of The Chilean Super Cup 2024, which will celebrate its 12th edition at the National Stadium with a capacity for 48,000 spectators. The competition will feature the participation of the champions of the First Division 2023 and the Chile Cup 2023.

“This is a fundamental project for our management: we want fans to enjoy the experience of Chilean football safely, that the family returns to the stadium. On the field, our championships are increasingly attractive, we want that to be consistent with the experience of the audience in our stadiums,” expressed the president of the ANFP, Pablo Milad.

The identity verification platform will be a digital tool focused on the fan, offering safer access to events, exclusive content, and participation in virtual communities, with the confidence that their identity is backed by Veridas technology and integration with the ticket sales system, Puntoticket.

The National Fan Registry, Step by Step

The process for fans to register in the National Fan Registry is carried out as follows:

  • Users can register in the RNH by verifying their identity from any device, regardless of their location.
  • When purchasing a ticket through Puntoticket, the ticket sales system checks the National Fan Registry to confirm if the person is registered and, if so, a discount is applied in the presale.
  • Using the RUC number (Identification Number), codes 101 and 102 are verified in a database of banned individuals to determine their access authorization to the event.
  • On the day of the sports event, attendees can quickly enter the stadium through our biometric terminals, simply with facial recognition, eliminating the need to take out the identity card from their pocket.

Onboarding Chile

Veridas’ biometric technology meets the highest international security standards, protecting the fan’s identity and being used by other sports leagues such as La Liga in Spain. This has managed to elevate the experience of fans in the secure purchase of tickets and access to stadiums, eliminating queues, accessing in less than 3 seconds, and creating loyalty programs digitally.

Our integration with ticketing companies, like Puntoticket, seeks to strengthen so that in the short term, we can create, together, comprehensive ecosystems for fans and elevate their experience in sports events, avoiding the saturation of web systems, ticket forgery or resale, factors that result in high ticket costs and the entry of individuals who represent a security risk within the stadiums.

National Stadium of Chile Fan Registry

With this new registry, all registered fans have the confidence that their data is protected under local and international regulations.

“We are excited to launch this unique platform that will transform the experience of football fans in America.” Fernando Casas, General Manager of Veridas for LATAM.

With Veridas leading the identity verification for football fans in America, the paradigm of the experience is redefined, transforming the way followers live and enjoy their passion.

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