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/Introducing Veridas Flow’s Platform: A game-changer in security and convenience

Introducing Veridas Flow's Platform: A game-changer in security and convenience
Juan Fernando C. Bulgarelli

Juan Fernando C. Bulgarelli

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The need for robust security systems is undeniable in today’s world. Traditional access control methods, which rely on keys, cards, or PIN codes, are increasingly questioned due to their inefficiency and vulnerability. Veridas addresses this pressing need by launching a new range of biometric terminals within its Veridas Flow platform, designed to offer maximum security, durability, and modernity.

A 360º Solution Covering the Entire Identity and Access Management Lifecycle

Veridas Flow is an end-to-end platform that ensures secure and convenient access to physical spaces. Through a registration process with identity verification, users can access various spaces using biometric terminals. The platform seamlessly integrates with leading access control systems, ticketing systems, government entities, and more, enabling various use cases. Additionally, it allows for identity management and business intelligence analytics through software that centralizes all information in real-time, optimizing resources and facilitating informed decision-making for businesses.

Meet the New Facial Biometric Terminals: Play and ZeroData

Play: Featuring a 10-inch screen, Play offers personalized, secure, and highly convenient access experiences in both indoor and outdoor environments. It supports up to 100,000 users per terminal, making it a scalable solution for any requirement. It optimizes access management from the outset to create memorable experiences and maximize revenue.


Veridas PLAY

ZeroData: With a biometric QR reader (ZeroData ID), ZeroData allows users to carry their biometric information without storing any data on the terminal, making it the ideal solution for high-security access (two-factor authentication), locations with over 200,000 users, and facilities where privacy is essential. It is designed for outdoor and indoor spaces and supports unlimited user access.


Why Choose Veridas Flow? The Benefits Are Clear

With over 80 global clients using the Veridas Flow platform daily, the benefits are evident across various scenarios. From access to events, stadiums, and sports clubs, to enhancing user experience and security in corporate buildings and gaming rooms, Veridas Flow is revolutionizing access control.

  • Hospitality Meets Access: Veridas Flow combines top-notch security with an exceptional user experience, allowing effortless and secure access even in high-security environments.
  • 360º Identity & Access Platform: Our comprehensive platform manages everything from enrollment to access control, data management and business intelligence.
  • Linking Physical & Digital Worlds: Veridas Flow seamlessly integrates physical and digital access, allowing unified identity verification for both environments and enhancing security and user convenience.
  • 100% Proprietary & Leading Tech: Fully proprietary technology ensures seamless integration, optimal control, and rapid response to client needs without relying on external vendors.
  • One Platform, Different Environments: Flow is designed for diverse use cases and supports various authentication methods and data storage options backed by powerful business intelligence.

Regulatory Compliance and Security

All Veridas systems operate with active user participation (proximity sensor or biometric QR) and are based on user consent. The platform holds the following certifications:

  • Data Protection and Privacy: GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and RIA (Artificial Intelligence Regulation).
  • Quality and Security: ISO 27001 (Information Security Management System), SOC 2 (Service Organization Controls).
  • Technical and Performance Certifications: Top NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), iBeta Level 1 and 2 (Biometric Testing Certification).

Leading the Way in Access Control Innovation

With this new range of biometric terminals, Veridas Flow continues to lead innovation in security and access management. The company adapts to modern needs, offering robust and aesthetically integrated solutions that provide enhanced security, durability, and user convenience.

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