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/Formula 1 and Moto GP ‘bosses’ test our facial recognition technology in Pamplona

acceso con biometría facial a eventos quo vadis
María Echavarri

María Echavarri

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“Events, Quo vadis?” brought together some of the world’s leading event organizers at the Pamplona Cathedral to discuss the main challenges facing the sector in the coming years. Among them, figures of the relevance of Carmelo Ezpeleta, CEO of Dorna Sports, responsible for Moto GP; Stefano Domenicali, CEO of Formula 1, Paolo Campinoti, CEO of Pramac Racing, Iñigo Argomaniz, CEO of Get In or Quim Domènech, SVP Content DAZN Spain, among others.

Much of the day revolved around how to achieve memorable experiences through events. In this sense, Veridas brought their facial recognition solution to all attendees, who, to access the refectory of the Cathedral of Pamplona, where the event took place, had to live the experience of registering their face to be recognized at the entrance. “Simply incredible: you approach the facial recognition device, and in less than a second, it recognizes you and gives you access. I had never had such an experience at the entrance to an event,” explained Carlos Mangado, promoter, and organizer of the event.

Stefano Domenicali ingresando a evento con reconocimiento facial.
Carmelo Ezpeleta entrando a evento con reconocimiento facial.

Stefano Domenicali and Carmelo Ezpeleta gain access to the event by facial recognition

Nueva llamada a la acción

Along the same lines, the main protagonists of the event were surprised by this technology and spoke of how they perceive facial biometrics for the world of events and shows. “I think this technology has a definitive role to play; it is the accreditation system of the future,” said Carmelo Ezpeleta. Stefano Domenicali added: “This new technology will allow us to be more efficient and increase our security. It has a great future.”

“It’s very fast, and it makes your life much simpler. With all the security problems, there have been. Lately, we have to increase controls, and this system is a great opportunity,” commented Paolo Campinoti.

From the point of view of music events, one of the most authoritative voices in this entertainment sector, Iñigo Argomaniz, CEO of Get it, highlighted that “one of the great handicaps of the entertainment industry is the delay and loss of time for tickets. The other is the very high resale. This technology is fundamental both for speeding up access and for the authenticity of the tickets”.

Quim Domenech, SVP of Content at DAZN and a great connoisseur of the world of football, reflected along these lines: “I had not had the opportunity to get to know this technology, and after experiencing it first-hand, it will undoubtedly make life easier for everyone. Applied to the world of sport and the experience of going to a stadium, it is a handy tool; I hope more clubs and LaLiga get involved because it will make life easier for both fans and football clubs”.

Eduardo Azanza, CEO and Co-founder of Veridas, was a speaker at the round table “An unforgettable experience.” He spoke about how facial biometrics is revolutionizing and changing how people access events and shows, which users already perceive at events such as LaLiga football league, which all Quo vadis attendees could experience first-hand.

Eduardo Azanza en evento Quovadis en Pamplona 2022
Image provided by Navarra Capital

"Our goal is to eliminate all the friction that comes with being a spectator. We will enter very quickly and securely on the day of the event because it is us with our biometrics. But we will also be able, for example, to pay with our faces. We will be able to approach, and just by being us, we will be able to manage the payment with our biometrics".

Biometric access control is a solution present in different sectors of activity, given the infinite number of use cases it makes possible. Facial recognition access is experiencing accelerated border and transport management growth, access to sports entities and corporate headquarters, and significant events. Especially in the football world where Veridas have already become the first facial recognition access system implemented in the Spanish LaLiga.

It is a success of adoption, driven by the demand of the public and companies, and because it is recognized as one of the best in the world by the National Institute of Standards and Technology of the United States. Proprietary hardware and software made in Europe that is gaining the trust of hundreds of customers worldwide and has the maximum guarantees and warranties in terms of data protection at a global level.

Evento Quovadis en Pamplona 2022
Evento Quovadis en Pamplona 2022

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