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ILUNION and Veridas Boost ONCE’s Accessibility and Security with Voice Biometrics

ILUNION's Contact Center area, firmly committed to exceeding customer expectations and always faithful to the goal of building a better world with everyone included, has chosen Veridas's voice biometrics for the authentication process of ONCE's vendors in its ARCO service.
ILUNION Success Story


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/Overview and Challenges

Who is the client?

ILUNION’s Contact Center division, committed to surpassing customer expectations and always dedicated to building a better world that includes everyone, has chosen Veridas’s voice biometrics for the authentication process of ONCE vendors using its ARCO service, achieving impressive results that enhance both customer/user and employee experiences.

Challenges and problems

Up until now, the authentication process for ONCE vendors using their ARCO service, most of whom are visually impaired, was conducted through a traditional IVR system with menus and several options within each menu. For identification, vendors would enter a numeric code and their personal identification and then select the appropriate menu options. They had to enter between 8 and 9 digits to complete this operation.

With this system, the IVR’s user recognition time was 12 seconds on the first attempt, which occurred in 70% of cases. If the process had to be repeated, it would take 20 to 30 seconds, resulting in a 30% error rate.

After analyzing these data, ILUNION Contact Center BPO’s Automation and Transformation Center (CAT 4.0), led by Rosa García, the company’s Transformation Director, proposed an improvement initiative to make this vendor support service more efficient and accessible by optimizing authentication times and ensuring substantial improvements in voice recognition.

/Breaking Paradigms: Technology as a Tool for Inclusion

With goals of continuous improvement in authentication processes and identifying increasingly frequent and difficult-to-detect fraud or cyber attacks, the industry has sought safer, more efficient, and more accessible solutions.

Technologies like voice biometrics have emerged as the most suitable alternative. These use each individual’s unique characteristics to verify identity in the most efficient way.

For ILUNION, implementing this voice biometrics solution developed by Veridas has meant, on the one hand, ensuring a more inclusive and accessible user experience, especially for visually impaired individuals, and, on the other hand, overcoming challenges related to security and efficiency.

/Opportunities and Benefits

Opportunities for

/Improvement of User Experience:The need for a more accessible system for vendors represented an opportunity to enhance overall user interaction with the authentication system, making the process more natural and less tedious.

/Reduction in Authentication Times: There is a clear opportunity to significantly reduce waiting times during the authentication process, which could translate into greater operational efficiency and user satisfaction.

/Increase in Security and Reduction of Errors: Improving accuracy in user identity recognition increases security and decreases the error rate, addressing one of the most critical issues with the previous IVR system.

Benefits for

/Enhanced User Experience and Reduced Error Rate: Implementing voice biometrics has simplified the authentication process, eliminating the need to enter numeric codes and navigate complex IVR menus. This has allowed ONCE vendors to enjoy a smoother and safer interaction using the contact center. The success rate has soared from 70% to 94%, reflecting the reliability and efficiency of the new system.

/Improved Accessibility: Voice biometrics have enabled complete accessibility in the authentication process. By dispensing with traditional methods that can be complicated for disabled individuals, ILUNION has ensured accessibility standards, offering a fully inclusive experience for all users.

/Enhanced Efficiency and Increased Productivity: The optimization of the authentication process, which has reduced the verification time from 50 seconds to just 3, has improved efficiency by 90%. This improvement has streamlined the authentication of vendors in ILUNION’s contact center, enhancing productivity and facilitating quicker and more efficient access to necessary services.

/Increased Security and Protection Against Fraud: Adopting voice biometrics has strengthened security within ILUNION, ensuring that only authorized persons can access the services. With an effective protection rate of 94% against potential fraud or impersonation, ILUNION has significantly minimized the risks associated with fraud and unauthorized access, ensuring a safer environment for all users.

/Challenges Addressed by Veridas for ILUNION

What does the project entail?

The project to implement voice biometrics in the Contact Center area of ILUNION is designed to transform and make the authentication system for ONCE vendors, who contact their ARCO customer service daily, fully accessible.

This solution was integrated seamlessly and swiftly to guarantee a smooth user experience. Additionally, throughout the implementation process, training was provided to both end-users and ILUNION staff on the proper use of voice biometrics. Training included guidance on how to register voices and how to use the system effectively. Today, over 80% of ONCE vendors have their voices registered.

/How does it work?


Each user speaks freely for only five seconds. This audio sample is transformed into a biometric vector, securely stored in the system’s database.


When employees need to access internal services or carry out procedures that require identity verification, they speak for three seconds. The system compares this voice with the previously stored sample to confirm the user’s identity.

The project’s long-term impact is significant in terms of continuous improvement in the accuracy and reliability of identifying ONCE vendors, helping to protect the information and services at their disposal.

This progressive, user-centric approach favors the entity’s ability to adapt to future technological trends in authentication and computer security. By staying abreast of emerging technological developments, ILUNION will be able to continue offering services that meet its users’ evolving needs.

In summary, implementing voice biometrics provides immediate benefits in terms of security and accessibility and establishes a solid foundation for long-term growth and innovation.

/Client Testimonial

Javier Escalante, head of the Commercial Administration Department of ONCE, and Rosa García, director of transformation at ILUNION at ExpoRC 2023.

Voice biometrics has marked a before and after in verifying identities at ONCE, improving operational efficiency and security by significantly reducing the error rate from 30% to 6%. Our adoption of this technology not only reinforces our commitment to accessibility but also radically transforms our users’ experience, allowing complete management of the service through voice.

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