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/Deutsche Telekom, voice recognition in 3 seconds

Marta Morrás

Marta Morrás

Global Marketing Director

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Why did Deutsche Telekom choose Veridas’ 3-second voice authentication?

Veridas became a provider for Deutsche Telekom in 2019. The German company was looking for a solution that met their security, user experience, privacy, cost requirements for contact center authenticationto be inte in their existing B2B-platform, Conversational AI Suite. 

After detailed vendor evaluation, they chose Veridas as their partner and develop common projects together. 

Slide used by Deutsche in a joint webinar with Veridas

The trade-off between security and user experience

Despite living in the digital age, the way people have to identify themselves to service-providing companies is still archaic.

Spelling your name, listing the digits of your identity document one by one, or remembering which of your hundreds of passwords is the valid one, happens every time you want to make a query to a company. This is exhausting and costly process for both companies and users that arises from the need to verify the identity of clients. 

Traditionally, adding layers of security to a process has translated into more friction for the user, less conversion, and therefore profit loss for companies. 

Existing methods for contact center authentication based on knowledge or tokens are neither user-friendly nor secure, as they are easily forgotten or hacked. 

What if there was a unique and secure omnichannel method for use authentication? 

Deutsche Telekom & Veridas partner up for voice biometric authentication

Thanks to Veridas’ voice biometrics, increasing security while enhancing the user experience is possible.

After a demanding and thorough selection process, Deutsche Telekom, after evaluating some of the best companies in the industry, chose Veridas as its partner for voice-based user authentication. 

This coalition has allowed Veridas to reach bigger with the guidance of a experienced brand like Deutsche Telekom, where as the German company has gained can provide to their business customers the best performing solutions in the market. 

Veridas voice biometric solution has been internationally recognized and sits at the top of the highest international evaluations. 

Voice recognition allows companies to reduce the time required to authenticate their users from 30-40 seconds to only 3 seconds, in any language and without the need for the user to repeat any specific sentence. 

All of this is done in less than 140 milliseconds with an accuracy of more than 99%. The biometric engine incorporates anti-fraud technology that detects whether voices are genuine or pre-recorded.

During a recent webinar between the Veridas and Deutsche Telekom, Bernhard Hochstätter, Executive Product Manager at Deutsche Telekom, highlighted the main reasons that led them to choose Veridas for this partnership:

No other solution in the market provided us with the same quality of UX, thanks to the minimal time required for registration and verification while guaranteeing such a high level of accuracy, with minimal error rates.

The level of privacy with which Veridas treats data: “Privacy is for us, Deutsche Telekom, very important. We are one of the most trusted brands in Germany and even beyond, and therefore it is absolutely key to be very very strict with regard to data privacy; and Veridas was a perfect fit in this respect”.

He also noted that Veridas’ solutions were designed with the end-user always in mind, as well as the high level of customization for each B2B Deutsche Telekom’s customer.


A revolution in cost and user experience

Voice biometrics can help companies to:

  • Improving user experience. Customers can authenticate themselves by speaking freely, in any language and in just 3 seconds…
  • Increasing security: authentication accuracy greater than 99%.
  • Reducing costs. Time required for verification is reduced from an average of 30-40 seconds to only 3.
  • Creating an omnichannel experience. Voice verification can be easily integrated into any customer communication channel: chatbots, call centers or virtual assistants.
  • Generating a transversal experience. The solution is viable in a multitude of industries and geographies thanks to its text-independent and language-independent functionalities.

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