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STAYmyway, 100% digital and remote check-in

No more queues at the reception desk. Spend your free time on what's really important. Thanks to Veridas' digital onboarding technology, STAYmyway offers 100% digital and remote check-in to its entire customer network.

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STAYmyway was looking for a way to give autonomy to the user in the management of their reservations in order to optimize the management of hotels and tourist apartments and improve the guest experience.

Veridas digital onboarding was selected as a solution that allowed them to verify the identity of their users with maximum security and speed while complying with the applicable regulations in each country where they operate.

The challenge: to improve the guest experience by offering them autonomy in their reservation management

Manually carrying out processes such as checking in, verifying the guest or providing access to the hotel or accommodation booked, among other similar services, involves a high investment in time and resources for hotels and tourist apartments.

Poor management of any of these factors can negatively affect the user experience, resulting, for example, in long queues at reception, waiting time to access the accommodation, etc…

STAYmyway sought to automate many of these manual processes making them more agile and comfortable, thus enabling hotels to improve the user experience while increasing the efficiency of hotel or apartment management.

The solution: Veridas Digital Onboarding

Veridas digital onboarding has enabled a complete, remote, automatic and secure check-in system.

When the guest makes the reservation, he receives a link to download the STAYmyway app, with his reservation loaded. Upon installing the app, the guest will automatically be prompted to check in. The former allows for digital check-in upon arrival at the hotel, when and where the guest wishes.

To perform this digital check-in, the guest just requires to:

Take a photo of their ID card or passport.

Our document verification technology analyzes the document provided by the user and, through different operations such as OCR extraction or verification of the authenticity of the material, among others, verifies if it is valid. It is capable of analyzing security measures in more than 400 documents. The verification is done in a matter of seconds.

Take a SELFIE.

Once taken, through a biometric comparison, it is verified that the person in the image is the same person as in the DNI or Passport.


on the screen of the device.

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The results: more than 5,000 guests per month verified securely, quickly and with the best user experience.

Relying on Veridas digital onboarding allows STAYmyway to verify more than 5,000 users per month. Processes which include, among others:

  • Time-saving: the possibility to check-in digitally allows hotels and tourist apartments to save resources and time at the front desk.
  • Improved user experience: in addition to the convenience of checking in with their smartphone, wherever and whenever they want, guests reduce the time needed to access their booked accommodation, in addition to avoiding waiting and queues at reception.
  • Security and fraud prevention: the guest will only be able to access during the period in which their reservation is active. In addition, STAYmyway assures the accommodation that the person staying at your hotel is undoubtedly the person he/she claims to be.
  • Global: STAYmyway operates securely in Spain, the United States, Colombia, Mexico, Greece, France, Italy and Portugal, among others.

The experience


“This new alliance with Veridas seeks to lead the way in digital security and identity fraud prevention in the check-in process of hotels and vacation rental accommodations”

“Our Biometric Digital Check-In offers the most advanced biometrics and adds an extra layer to the security of your establishment while saving time in the guest check-in process”

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