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Secure and agile access for visitors to the BBVA Mexico Tower

In the quest to strengthen security and enhance the visitor experience, BBVA Mexico has implemented the Veridas ZeroData ID system for visitor access. Overcoming traditional security and efficiency challenges, this approach has optimized visitor flow and set new standards for identity verification.

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/Overview and Challenges

BBVA Mexico is the largest financial institution in the country, with a network of 1,736 branches and 14,232 ATMs distributed throughout Mexico’s 32 states. In 2023, it had a market share of 30.4%. BBVA Mexico is not only a leader in terms of physical infrastructure but also stands out for its unwavering commitment to innovation, security and customer satisfaction.

Challenges and Obstacles

At BBVA Mexico, effectively managing security and the flow of visitors to the BBVA Tower, the headquarters, represented a considerable challenge. The institution was looking for a method that would allow fast and secure access without compromising the visitor experience or the protection of the facility.

One of the main needs was the implementation of a system that would allow visitors to know their exact appointment times and gain access safely and efficiently, without long lines or tedious processes, which was crucial both for the bank’s image and for the comfort and security of its visitors.

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/Opportunities and Benefits

Opportunities for

/Agility in Access to Torre BBVA. The implementation of this advanced solution offered the possibility to revolutionize the access control system, specifically at Torre BBVA, a location with high visitor volumes and stringent security requirements.

/Personalized User Experience. The opportunity presented itself to provide an unprecedented access experience for visitors to the BBVA Tower, enabling seamless and secure entry and exit, eliminating physical interactions and reducing wait times.

/Enhanced Security at Critical Point. By focusing on the BBVA Tower, the project addressed security concerns at a critical point, ensuring a safer environment for employees and visitors.

Benefits for

/Efficient Access Process. The solution has transformed how visitors are managed, with a fast and secure access process, resulting in a significantly improved user experience for visitors to the BBVA Tower.

/Increased Security. The adoption of facial biometrics and ZeroData ID codes has enhanced security, providing a more robust and reliable method of identity verification.

/Improved Operational Efficiency. The solution has enabled the BBVA Tower to handle the influx of visitors more efficiently, reducing the need for manual identification and allowing reception staff to focus on other critical tasks.

/Challenges addressed by Veridas for BBVA

Veridas’ visitor management solution was the answer to the challenge faced by BBVA. This system allows visitors to verify their identity and request a visit from the comfort of their home to complete all the necessary procedures in advance. Upon requesting a visit, Veridas generates a personal and non-transferable ZeroData ID code directly linked to the visitor’s identity. In this way, the user can check in and access the space of his visit using his ZeroData ID without having to go through reception.

In addition, this technology ensures two-factor authentication by combining facial biometrics -identifying the user- with the ZeroData ID code -an element that the user possesses-, thus providing an unprecedented level of security.

Upon arrival at the BBVA Tower at the scheduled time, the visitor simply presents their ZeroData ID code at one of the terminals located at reception, which is compared with their facial biometrics captured at that moment. This completes the check-in process, and the host is notified that their visit has arrived at the office. Subsequently, the visitor can continue to access the authorized spaces for the visit in a secure and efficient manner using their ZeroData ID. At the end of the visit, the user exits through the facial biometrics terminals installed at the exit of the building, and the visit is concluded, invalidating the QR.

With this implementation, BBVA Mexico has managed to harmonize security with agility, ensuring that the participation of bank staff and the visitor experience are optimal.

/Client Testimonials

The truth about the Veridas ZeroData ID is that it makes it much easier for us to manage the visit. On the one hand, it provides a great experience for the visitor when entering the facility since they carry out all the procedures from home; they take their photo, which becomes a ZeroData ID. No connection to any server is needed to obtain entry data.

José Manuel Díaz-Caneja, Head of Security & Protection BBVA México.

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