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/Bildu Lan, employee access management using biometrics

Marta Morrás

Marta Morrás

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Since March 2019, it has been mandatory for any company in Spain to keep a record of the hours worked by its employees, commonly known as the “time and attendance” control system. This regulation applies to face-to-face, remote and teleworking work and obliges companies to have a system for recording working hours.

However, the regulations do not establish which methods companies must follow to comply with this law. This is where companies face the first problem: choosing a secure and efficient system.

There are various options, from manual ones, such as spreadsheet records, to computer programs or card/code readers.

Failure to comply with these regulations can lead to penalties of up to 6250 euros per worker.

How to comply with the time and attendance regulations swiftly and efficiently?

Providing an accurate and reliable record of employees’ time worked helps to ensure that their employment rights are respected and that tax and social security obligations are met. But what is the best system to comply with these regulations?.

This was the question asked by Bildu Lan, a company in the industrial sector in Navarre, which was looking for a solution that would allow it to comply with the regulations without compromising the experience of its employees.

Until now, Bildu Lan employees had access to their jobs with a “tag” or access credentials. This system had several drawbacks:

  • Friction for employees: Carrying a physical device always brings inconveniences such as loss or malfunction.
  • Uncertainty about identity: Relying solely on possession-based identification systems (something we have) poses several security risks as they can be stolen or used by others outside the holder. They are, therefore, control of credentials and not identities.

Facial biometrics, regulatory compliance and improved employee access and clocking-in system

El sistema de gestión de empleados de Veridas resuelve dos problemas con una única solución:

  • Time clocking control: Employees can clock in conveniently, thanks to facial recognition, without the need to carry tags or cards or remember keys or passwords.
  • Access control: At the same time as clocking in, the facial recognition access system allows them to enter the building without keys or cards.

"For the company, it's a breakthrough. We needed security and control, and Veridas integrates both" "It's a plus in security because you know that no one is going to leave their tag to someone else, and no one will sneak into the facilities."

How does this system work?

For its implementation, the system basically consists of 2 phases:

  • Employee registration: This can be done autonomously by employees through a Digital onboarding process that verifies their identity in less than 1 minute from their own smartphone.
  • Simultaneous access and clocking in: Once registered, employees present themselves at the biometric access terminal and are recognized by the system, recording their working day at the same time as granting them access to the facilities.

With the incorporation of this system, Bildu Lan has managed not only to comply with the working time control regulations but also to offer its employees a comfortable and frictionless experience.

"We have had different ways of controlling signings, but this system improves on the programs we had. You don't need cards; nobody is going to cheat you. It's more convenient because you can keep your access credentials."

Working time management and analysis web portal

The Veridas access control and clocking system also incorporate a web-based management and analysis portal that is synchronized with the access terminals. 

The system registers employees’ entry and exit times and has comprehensive dashboards and reports that provide all the information at a glance.

Bildu Lan, at the forefront of employee management

This solution has been implemented since September 2021, improving the daily work of more than 50 Bildu Lan employees. 

Thanks to the trust placed in Veridas, Bildu Lan has achieved the following:

  • Offer your employees a better, simpler, and more convenient access experience.
  • Streamlined, digitized, and automated control of the working day.
  • Complying with clocking-in regulations at work.
  • Increased security of the facilities with the certainty of the real identity of your employees.
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