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/Ibermutua, online management of financial benefits for risk during pregnancy and breastfeeding

María Echavarri

María Echavarri

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Cost savings and customer satisfaction are two goals that every company pursues. In the mutual sector, both are particularly important. The situation in which customers find themselves when they communicate with their mutual insurance company can often be delicate, so it is essential to provide impeccable treatment in every case. Having efficient and digitized processes makes it possible to offer an agile response to customers while optimizing resources and operating costs. 

Ibermutua, one of the most important mutual insurance companies in Spain, was fully aware of the new demands of users. Its firm commitment to the continuous improvement of its services has led it to improve its online management and application process for benefits for risk during pregnancy and breastfeeding for its protected workers who do not have medical records at the mutual insurance company through the Ibermutua digital Personas virtual platform.

Ibermutua digital is the commitment of Ibermutua to offer its users, whether they are workers (Ibermutua digital Personas), protected companies (Ibermutua digital Empresas), or collaborating consultancies (Ibermutua digital Asesorías), digital channel to facilitate and speed up access to all the information, procedures and communications they need to carry out with the mutual. The functionalities of Ibermutua digital Personas range from access and consultation of medical records and diagnostic tests performed at the mutual, video consultations, chat and document exchange with Ibermutua’s medical service, information on the economic benefits paid by Ibermutua, downloading of withholding and income tax certificates, to the online application for financial benefits (direct payment of temporary disability and benefits for risk during pregnancy and breastfeeding).

Replacing a manual process with an automated process that allows for increased service

Until now, women at risk during pregnancy or breastfeeding who wished to process their financial benefit digitally and were not previously registered in Ibermutua digital Personas had to send a photocopy of their ID card and a photograph to be validated by Ibermutua’s agents. A manual system overloaded Ibermutua staff operations and lengthened the response time for applicants.

In terms of volume, before implementing the new solution, Ibermutua’s agents processed close to 150 applications per week, the response to which was conditioned by the manual part of the process.

With these precedents, Ibermutua sought a solution to streamline its process while maintaining a solid layer of security. That’s when the paths crossed with Veridas and Evolutio as the solution’s integration partners. 

Thanks to digital onboarding, the identity verification process of their protected workers can be carried out autonomously and automatically, increasing the service capacity and offering a more comfortable and faster experience to their users.

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Secure, fast, and reliable digital onboarding

Our onboarding process allows you to verify the identity of your customers remotely in less than 20 seconds. The process consists of:

Verification of the identity document: Our artificial intelligence engine analyzes the security measures of the document, the authenticity of the material, and the concordance of the data and verifies that it has not suffered any alteration. 

Verification of the identity of the person performing the process: Once it has been verified that the document is authentic, it is necessary to link the identity on the document with the person performing the process and ensure that it is the same person. To do this, the client must take a selfie that is compared with the picture printed on the document. Our facial recognition engine compares both images and determines if it is the same person.

This whole process has a powerful anti-fraud layer that detects identity theft attempts in both the document and the facial biometrics part. This “proof of life” system complies with ISO 30-107 iBeta Level 2 and is capable of preventing more than 14 different phishing attacks. 

Veridas is an international benchmark in the identity field, which is recognized by external entities such as the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the United States, which periodically evaluate our solutions and publish performance data openly. 

In addition, the onboarding solution is multi-platform, which means it can be used in native and web environments and on any device. In this case, workers protected by its services can manage and apply for financial benefits from the comfort of their home, through the Ibermutua digital Personas virtual platform, with access from the Ibermutua website.

Easy and seamless integration thanks to Evolutio

Evolutio has been a partner of Veridas since January 2022, and several projects have been jointly developed in biometrics. More specifically, the companies collaborate, offering the most advanced voice biometric authentication solutions in the Contact Centers of the leading global companies in the Iberian market. Evolutio’s knowledge of this market and a track record of several decades of experience have allowed us to deploy the solution agilely

"Our combined technological capabilities allow us to create and offer a solid value proposition to Ibermutua, helping it to accelerate its digitalization and adoption of cloud services. We are pleased to make the complementary capabilities of Veridas' technology available to a leader in its sector like Ibermutua, adding our experience as integrators.” 
Manuel Beltrán
Head of Customer Experience and Digital Workplace at Evolut

Placing Artificial Intelligence at the Service of Businesses and Users

The case of Ibermutua once again demonstrates how technology based on Artificial Intelligence has helped them to increase the security of the identity verification process, reduce the average operating time of their managers and improve the experience of pregnant and breastfeeding women who can complete the process of requesting and managing their financial benefits with total comfort from home.

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